I dont think nerf HA attack speed is a correct answer

Horse Archer is very mobile , good damage ,fast speed , low armor ,low hitpoint unit
and they should not easy to mass

Nerf attack speed to lower thier damage for what ?

They still more hp than archer
and very cheap cost to mass

also a problem , HA move speed so slow , when knight chasing, they cant “Parthian Shot”

So i suggest

Nerf HP
Nerf Cost ( more Wood or cost Gold )
Nerf pop (from1 to 2)

Buff Range
Buff Move Speed

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No Range buff, current range buff is already insane like 4.5+2 at age 4. Which it suppose to be countered by archers however its not. That is the problem


Not an actually nerf, more like bug fix.
Their attack speed is bug and shoot faster than they should right now. So 2.0->2.5 is a indirect bug fix, attack speed would be ~2.0x now.

Horsemen with blacksmith upgrades eat away HAs. I used them before patch. And with extra ranged armour I think you will be able to push them back. Do not try to counter HAs with knights. Knights are very expensive. In mass if they pick single knight its great loss to your eco. Food is disposable resource so you can tank a lot of damage with Horsemen.

yeah no, these are terrible suggestion (the 2 pop in particular)

They can’t go around just nerfing units into the ground and making them unusable. Nerfs and changes need to be done carefully, if horse archer are still too strong they will be addressed in future patch.