I don't understand the criticism


I’ve been playing AoE games since they were first introduced (because I’m old). With every release, I was pleased that the game had changed. It looked better, had nice new features and some features that were more challenging. I haven’t played AoE IV. I have watched the demos from several weeks ago and I’ve looked at a lot of screen shots. I haven’t seen a single thing that made me concerned about what I’m seeing. “Change the units!”, “Colors look bad”, “Change the campaigns”, and many other complaints are astounding to me. I want the game to be great and I want to know that they are building it for someone that is a fan. If I get into the Beta (fingers crossed), I may give them feedback about something that doesn’t feel or look right. But since most of you haven’t touched the game, I am wondering why the community is so negative?? We all get to have opinions. I’m just saying, try being thankful that we’re getting a new game in this series. It might be the best, might be the worst, might be somewhere in between. But being all bent out of shape about something you saw in a pre-release video is probably a place from which you should consider redirecting your energies.

All that having been said, hope every one of you has a great Friday and weekend.


AOE community is very conservative. If you move one pixel in this game they will angree. I cant understand that too. I like aoe 4 graphic and gameplay, I like aoe online, age of empires 3 and age of mythology. In every of these games have cool ideas and intresting mechanics. But most of fans dont want to change nothing. They want to play in the same aoe2, but with new realistic graphic. And that very sad :frowning:


The problem is that AoE IV is a game withing a well established franchise. People expect a certain level of quality. I personally dont think the graphics are bad, but they definatly dont look like 2021 graphics, more like 2016 max. If you look at AoE III it was one of the pioneers in graphics and really showed. Even now the graphics of AoE III are decent.


Problem is the developer don’t listen to feedback.
Already back there 2019 people did complain about the graphics.
And it got worse lol


In These 2 Pics you can See they listened to that Person. Shot in the right Shows IT IS much darker …
Also the building graphics are very 2021. Only Units might Miss a few Polygons, but a) they are still Wirkung on the Game and b) you will BE in Overview cam Most of the gameplay time anyways…

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Did they? The colors are still very intense, while buildings and units have less detail, also units got some weird yellowish aura around them and less realistic proportions…

Regarding your Title:
Since i now know your opinion about AoE4:
Do you not understand the criticism literally or figuratively?

Colors intense?

I feel like I’m watching a Batman movie, with a few grain farms that don’t quite fit, but only because the rest of it is so dark. They listened to that particular criticism and then some.

Speaking as a person whose most played games over the last half year or so were Stunts, AoE2 and Just Cause 4 I do not care for these depressing graphics at all. I like colors.

I don’t mind the “less cartoony bruh” version because the shadows add contrast and visibility, but I’m certainly not in the darker is better camp.


The Text Preview clearly states they should make it darker. It is more dark in the Secondsl Shot, so yes.

Colors LEDs bright was Not asked imo

The screenshots and gameplay without units look okay, most complaints are about animations and details. They look very outdated. Proportions of weapons and buildings are very unrealistic.

Zoomed out the game looks okay. Zoomed in terrain looks blurry and units undetailed.

Point 2: The developers said very often, how fantastic the game looks. Of course this increases the expectations and attracts graphics lovers.

Everybody wants a nice game, so I think it’s a good thing the game get so much feedback, as long as it’s fair and not just dumb hate. Better too much feedback before release, than little feedback and unsatisfied community at release.


The building models are not 2021, most are pretty simple shapes like the towers. AoE III DE while having different art style has better quality and detailed models imo.


What is fun is that I personally don’t like the graphics of AoE III at all, but I really love those of AoE IV… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

But judging by the other opinions, I’m probably an exception :sweat_smile:


simple shape doesnt make a year though.
The polys on the buildings, like the cathedfral/castle of the brits, or the towers, are more detailed than in Age 3.They are pretty much on 2021 standards for the choses art style of the game.
Although that standard doesnt change as much as it would with realistic depiction

It is sure true, that you are outnumbered in your opinion :wink:

The colors of the 2021 vegetation graphics of Age of Empires 4 are kept very weak. They are not expressive in any form. But the vegetation graphics are not comiclike for me. What i do not understand is the fact, that Relic has drastically deteriorated the Vegetation graphics from 2019, there they would have been more intense in color, but the light was to dark for that. They would have to make the Vegetation graphics stronger again, but keep the bright lighting from 2021. Age of Empires has always been a Game, that wanted to be bright. That should also be the case in the fourth Part. Co inventor Bruce Shelley always wanted a well lit game.

The graphics of the Units and their Weapons look like a cartoon drawing, the criticism is justified. It also does not differentiate in detail in no way. Although the color saturation of the units is okay. The units appear as if they were designed for the mobile game market and not for the home computer user. They must all people belong to the target groups. Especially because the Realtime strategy is primarily intended for home computer users.

All of the critics here want, that the game to be good at the end, by no means bad, so the critics here are very expedient and Relic should listen to they and appropriate implementation. Relic must therefore still work on the graphics, if they do not want to get a bad result.


Your opinion is now IRRELEVANT. :smiley: :smiley:

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We have project celeste. It is fan’s free server. You can play aoe online right now. I tried it and generaly I liked it. People still play that.


The community is great on Aoe online and on the discord :slight_smile:

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very good post :slight_smile: strongly the release of AOE4.

It is the British special bonus or whatever. Increase building/unit attack rate when enemies are near

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i would support that so far, but I think they are still working on the units, as they were clearly a bit out of shape. They however cant go very much into detial, if they want as much palyers as possible, to include older CPUs etc. (while there are graphics settings, its unlikely the units would have much lower polys with lower settings, I assume.