I don't understand why I've seen any complaints about unmanned siege

There are mechanical reasons for this. Realism=The death of unit control.

Just look at AOE3. The cannons and ships in that game are an absolute disaster to micromanage, entirely because they are realistic. Then look at the classic mango/onager in AOE2 and how engaging it is because of it’s success hinging on micro. If it went how you people want it to go; the onager would have 4 people pushing it and their cute little animations would mean the mango takes forever to shoot, forever to reload, and would be functionally unmicroable and significantly less useful.

It’s bad enough that 4 has confirmed realistic ships with side attacks (meaning micro will be straight up impossible, and that water fights will be decided by unit comps and the occasional glitched pathing only) and units torching buildings/a fire system (massively cutting into siege’s niche and making offense more rewarding (continued burn damage even after your units die) meaning that the already strong offense orient of the series will only grow stronger. Asking for ■■■■ like realism in the siege or animations is pure stupidity that will only make the game worse.

It’s a video GAME. Mechanics are what are important. Stop asking for the game to be worse to appeal to your sensibilities.


Because the other issues are just overwhelming in importance and factor. We just don’t have room to care about these fine details while we have bigger things to worry about that will affect the overall visuals of the game itself. Like unit/building scale proportions, unit details, animations quality, and color saturation. Don’t get me wrong, these details are also important, but the bigger issues i mentioned earlier need currently more attention so that it can be fixed, as this will be harder to fix after game release.

What you posted ARE the details man, that’s got nothing to do with how the game plays.

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Uhm… cannons and ships are probably the best part about aoe3
But nice try
Manned siege is very important. It adds a whole new strategy to the game.
Example: When you “unpack” your cannons in AOE3, they become much slower, and you see the 2 guys pushing it. Means cav can kill them much easier.
Packing them makes them go fast again.
Before unpacking you have to wait a few seconds, giving the opponent some time to react.
Its just these small details that make the game more enjoyable and adds realism to it, which is awesome.
No clue what you are talking about tbh


Packed siege is still horrendously slow, the only reason it can outrun anything in AOE3 is trash mechanics like snaring.

Realism is the death of mechanical competency. Full stop.

Snaring is a wonderful mechanic to AOE3.
Did you ever even play the game?
Did you once get Oprichnics or Doppelsoldners ram into your walls and aim your eco?
Snare help you to slow them down and force the enemy to micro and leave some men behind. Without it, AOE3 would be a total unbalanced mess.


AOE3 is just straight up a total unbalanced mess. Not at all something that should be used as inspiration for 4.

“It is in AOE2 but not in AOE3, so it is definitely the best design ever!”

And I really wonder how much overlap there is between the “AOE3 sacrifices gameplay for realism” population and the “AOE3 lacking drop-off buildings is very unrealistic” population.


It seems like there is no further point in discussing anything with you then. Good luck.


I don’t need luck. The siege is unmanned and nothing drastic is getting changed with a fall release date. I’m just setting the record straight on why whining for more realism is whining for a worse playing game.

Keep your head in the sand if you want. I’ve already won.

Hilarious to imply drop off buildings are at all realistic. Realism would be a unit to bring stone to the mining camp, a unit to bring it to the market from the camp (or an extra storehouse unit), and a unit to bring that stone to the castle foundation from the market. As you can see realism would make the game play worse.

Drop off buildings aren’t more realistic, they are mechanically superior. Economy is more interesting with the variables drop off provides over a flat trickle.

You provide no evidence to support that. You’re just describing what it is like with more “realistic” designs, and I don’t see how that is inferior.

In fact there are numerous RTS or building games that do this, and that is never a problem.


These people usually see only black and white. They lack the ability to see the the whole picture.
“Manned siege is bad! Because *instert 1 single point of view” and because i dont like aoe3!"
“Realism kills game”
Its just cringe and feels like you are trying to explain basic logic to a pigeon but it doesnt even speak your language.


Big and definitive arguments like

make people feel really good about themselves and I fully understand that because I feel the same way when I do this.

And when you try to argue against these big and definitive arguments with specific examples and show them it not a simple black or white problem, they throw out another big and definitive argument.


Bro thats so out of context, I have never experienced any problem with micromanage using those units. Micro in age 2 is terrible, so unrealistic and annoying, whats the point on moving units from one side to another to avoid attacks? that is not strategy… glad age 3 did manage it perfectly, making it more strategic and smart with cards and different type of units to make a realistic battle. That is called innovation. You guys keep stuck in 1999, in myc ase I want innovation and a strategic game. You can keep having fun with age 2, I want a modern RTS.


Agree, they want their 1998 game back again even after more than 20 years! Even sc2 changed a lot after 10 years… If they release a age2 copy with better graphics only like age 2 players will play that game ( and not all of them )

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I agree.
I would prefer strategy to prevail on aoe2 micro’ strategy (avoid all attacks coming)

The devs are pushing for a sort of documentary theming for AoE4:
Cinematics are real-life recorded videos with superimposed units, and yellow-outlined villagers appear when building for authenticity.

So not having at least a visual representation for siege engineers can be considered an oversight. I agree we should see men (and women :grinning:) towing and operating siege engines.

Though I would prefer this to be purely visual as to be in line with the dev’s vision for AoE4. It’d be a pain in the backside if players could pick off individual units attached to siege engines and the necessity to keep a supply of idle villagers behind your army to constantly re-man them.


Ah the classic “a couple age insiders circlejerk each other while a mounting pile of likes from normal browsers disagrees with them” thread format

I think that siege operators are excluded simply because they’re unnecessary clutter.
AoE 4 is a game that has clearly been designed with clarity and readability in mind. Sure, realism has been considered but gameplay is king. In my mind, I’m happy to lose siege operators to keep the screen a little cleaner.