I feel many people have little to the small civlizations

Such as Chechen,Tatars,Circassia,Mapuche,Guarani,and many other small civlizations.Through this civlizations are very small, they have very brilliant history,we shouldn’t ignore it.


Indigenous forces, please, small regimes that have not had political influence in the region in history should not be considered as so-called usable countries, but rather as local indigenous forces. Adding all small civilizations as formal adversaries would only increase complexity and make people feel ridiculous

Some countries may have sobering stories, but they have never been able to escape the influence of regional powers. Their resistance is only a small footnote in the confrontation between major powers. There can be small and influential civilizations added to represent this group, but they should never be the core

A cruel fact is that most of the small civilizations in the world are just chess pieces, and only some countries have the right to participate in the world’s hegemony. This is almost a theorem in the long historical period from the 14th century to modern times


Your opinion are practical,my friend.But I think the players from small countries want to see their countries in this game.And their history are too sobering to ingore.For example,Chechen.Although they finally couquered by the cruel Russian Empire,they fight with Russian Empire for many decades with such a small army and territory.How barve they are!

What a pity!How cruel it is!But as you say,it is truth.

Compared to the resistance in Chechnya, the Irish in Western Europe have played a more suitable role. Since the beginning of the British rule, the Irish have resisted the British rule for more than 800 years, from the Cromwell period to the French Revolution to modern times, The repression of the English and the resistance of the Irish, as well as the disasters in Irish history, “Great Irish Famine”, have had a widespread impact on world history (generating a large number of Irish American immigrants), but as I said, they have aspects that they are not suitable for

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the territory the mapuche held during ########### time is probably the size if not larger than most European countries though (?)

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Hey friend,nice to see you!Thank for War of Liberty,it bring us a lot of happiness,

Both the Chechen and Irish are brave,and I like Chechen beacause I hate that evil man.And my grandpa have a little Chechen ancestry,although I am a Chinese.

I’m honestly still figuring out the natives from European maps, and even some African ones.

Don’t know if adding more nats will be particularly heathy to an already broken game balance.