I finally beat Raid on Bablyon

Just wanna say I finally beat this nightmare of a mission. I was never able to beat it “normally”, always had to use the cheese strat of just rushing the objective ASAP and getting it out that way. No matter what “normal” strategy I used, the AI would just overwhelm me with an endless stream of units.

This time though, I tried doing the Roman strat of just spamming towers, and…surprisingly, it worked. With a handful of Guard Towers, alongside Chariots (since the AI kept making lots of Priests), I just held off until eventually the AI just stopped attacking (I guess they ran out of resources?) and then I just slowly cleaned them up with Chariots from there.

No other mission in the entire official campaigns gave me trouble, but for some reason this one seemed utterly impossible.


I have not played it but from what I have heard/seen about it it seems, that rushing, grabbing the artifact and running away with it is intended way to play this. I think this is more exciting than usual build and destroy everything gameplay. Something different

Nothing in the instructions/hints sections suggest that you’re supposed to just rush in and grab it.

And I’d think triumphing over stacked odds is a lot more exciting than rushing in and ending the mission in <5 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, this was a heroic victory from you :slight_smile:

I rushed in and did it in <5 minutes

But before I found that, I built up, mined the whole map and finally defeated all the annoying side-villages in 1hr 30min :slight_smile:


The Holy Man scenario for the Babylonians is super hard with the changed AI. The villagers are too aggressive towards being converted. AT one stage I had all the AI villagers chasing.

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After the changes, there are some extraordinary hard missions. These are the following I figured out:

  • Crossing the Alps (All AIs are chasing you over the whole map!)
  • Pyrrhus of Epirus (This one was already in the original game on higher difficulties unbeatable, but it is doable on easy)
  • Ransom at Ctesiphon (The AI has some kind of bug, they attack insanely fast)
  • The first two missions of the carthaginian campaign (Attacks are too early and are way too powerful in the late game)

Raid on Babylon got changed. Red has no more Pharaos and doesn’t attack anymore. Therefore the mission is now doable with a non-raid strategy :smiley: Another strategy is to settle on the right side of the river (where the other settlements of orange are). It’s easier to defend there.
The Holy Man is really hard for beginners. I’m able to handle it somewhat easily on hard difficulty (after you survive the first attacks, it’s easy). But even on the difficulty level easy the AI is nearly as aggressive as on hard! So beginners have no chance! Red should attack later on easy and the AI should not attack priests with villagers on easy. It’s a great change, that the AI is doing this at higher difficulties, but they should just run away on easy.
Lord of Euphrates is also really hard, but imo that one should stay as it is.
A mission that scales good in difficulty is the third mission from the Caesar Campaign (Alesia). I played it on easy and hard and I noticed a huge difference in the difficulty in comparison to The Holy Man.

I just had completed all campaign. Man, after updates, the games became so hardcore! But I like it.
@DeciusFlavius: dont forget the Revolt of Spartacus map :smiley:

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@EmperorTan89 True! :smiley: How could I forget that mission! :smiley:

But some missions have become much easier. For example the mission Tigris Valley is in the original AoE one of the hardest missions! Now in the DE the map is the same one, but yellow doesn’t attack at all and brown just very weak.