I found a few cards that need fixing

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • GAME BUILD: 100.13.58326.0 (Current build)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 11

I got some presents for you devs!

Spanish TEAM Spanish Road (formerly TEAM cheap barracks) &
Russian TEAM House of Romanov (formerly TEAM barracks hitpoints): They do not affect Maltese Hospitals.

Russian TEAM Patriarchy (formerly TEAM cheap priests): It gives training time penalties to Aztec Warrior Priests and Inca Priestesses. (since xpMedicineMan refers to Haud and Lakota Healers)

French TEAM Louvre (formerly TEAM Cheap Church): It affects shared church techs and gives small bonuses to Ethiopian Mountain Monastery techs. But it excludes Hausa University techs from this card, is this intentional?
(also Asian Monastery, and Native American Community Plaza techs)

Inca Resettlements: Does not increase Town Center build limit.

Swedish Case Shot: It sets the minimum cannon range of culverins by 13 (not 17), and the minimum cannon range of horse artilleries by 17 (not 13), two numbers were switched.

French TEAM House of Bonaparte (formerly TEAM early skirmishers): Leather Cannons get training time -40% instead of -20%


I forgot the Chinese TEAM Art of War, which also excludes Maltese Hospitals.