I got to level 207 but this is a joke

there is so many bugs with siege movement the times ive moved units to attack and they just don’t move you press many times and just does not move then dies the balance issues with many units fire lancers Mongols tower rush hre relics being crazy op end game the fact that it still takes 3 spears for one knight the fact mongols can produce 2x as many units as you at same cost at age 1 the fact people will exit game to skip a map no skip button the fact the hardest ai are dumb af now every 1 vs 1 i play they all use the same cheese tactics or ram rush because they now its overpowered and they do that on purpose the fact you can make a wonderer on 1 vs 1 and just camp the whole match is stupid and if you play a civ they dont like they alt f4 out of the game no leavers penalty ive played alot to get too level 207 and ive seen all sorts of bs in the game so far because its not balanced atm at all the deli and abyss hardly ever get used because the last patch broke them i will be taking a long break from this game as i dont think its fun or competitive anymore as everyone now all the cheese tactics so it just becomes same ■■■■ different game bs and make the game not fun and if a games not fun then theres no point playing it becomes a waste of time

It’s a shame to see you go. Will you come back if and when the patches begin to balance things?

problem is when is that its taking a very long time to role patches out for this game if they want it to succeed then they need to fix it if not it will just be people using the op builds or units every game i love the game but they just didn’t test it before release

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That’s definitely a problem with this game, and I hope it all gets fixed as quickly as possible, and I still hope some players that took a break come back to try new patches.

If you want to be read try to write properly.

Let me correct you sir It’s if you want to be read learn to write properly I like how you changed it so people didn’t find out your spelling was wrong lmao :joy:

I understand your frustration about the bugs and the poor balance of the game.

Maybe his thing is that you take a few days off, even some week, there will probably be a monthly patch so I don’t think it will take time for the next one to arrive and see what they fix. Try to be patient, I know it’s difficult, but you can tell that you love this game.

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I hope you are right at the moment I not playing 1 vs 1 at all as i keep vs same 3 civs the mongols Chinese and hre all doing the same thing mongols is tower rush into zerging base Chinese is fire lancers landmark sniping and hre relic camping at age 3 spam mass MMA and knights I don’t lose every time I win around half but I’m just tired of same tactics so I give up on it and do 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4 even then I’ve been fire lancers rushed 4 times tonight in team games lmao :rofl:

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