I hate this game

The last two days I’ve been playing on ranked and I’VE LOST EVERY SINGLE F***ING MATCH. I just DON’T UNDERSTAND how to play this game. I’m tempted to insult people who can play so as to attribute their ability to some kind of mental impairment. That’s really low so I’ll try no to offend anyone. The truth is that this game seems to have been designed for obsessive types.


You could consider taking a break from ranked and playing some of the other stuff the game has to offer? Or just keep playing games, don’t sweat it, play as chill as you like, and eventually you’ll reach a point where you playing chill is of an equivalent level to most other players at that level.


Funny thing is, up until last week, I played Quick matches. And there, oh boy, there, I shone. One night I had a winning streak with mongols. Then I decided to try my hand at ranked because I knew that ranked is where the really talented people can be found. I was right. Now I see no point in playing quick matches nor campaigns nor anything else. I won several campaign scenarios on Hard difficulty, but that won’t be enough to bolster my confidence.

I feel like a moron. WHY DON’T ANY OF MY STRATEGIES WORK ON RANKED??? WHAT ThE F*** AM I DOING WRONG? When I see my opponent’s score 1500 points ahead of me, I know I’m doomed.


Do you drive? If you do, try to drive as often as possible, whenever you can. It will improve your ability to multitask and observe.

I didn’t drive on a regular basis until recently, and I sucked at the game. But I played a match today and I felt highly empowered, able to carry out early aggression and get an economy going at the same time, which is something I really couldn’t do before. I could attribute it to DauT, but watching and doing are completely different things, so I think my driving forcing me to multitask and notice everything has improved my performance in those areas for everything.

Oh… no, I don’t. In fact, I always think that it would be impossible for me to drive a a car. I picture myself in front of the steering wheel, the gear lever, the velocimeter; two or three pedals below my feet, and, the worst of all, the pressure of being in charge of something that can kill people of cause my own death. I won’t ever drive a car, so, it’s a nice parallelism this that you brought up.

I had the same attitude you did a mere six months ago. But, I just did it because I needed to do it to learn to become self-sufficient. And now, it isn’t so bad. Sure, I’m still new at it, but I’m getting better every day. Apply that to AoE2. Just learn to do it, and it won’t be so bad.

I suppose I should start playing online…

Also, I don’t have the money to own a car. But disregarding the car factor entirely, I HAVE tried to “learn” to play. Last year some user (I believe it was TheConqueror753) sent me a PDF released by Hera (if I remember correctly) with build orders. What do you guess I did with it? Read it carefully and try to apply them to my matches? Or think it was incredibly complicated, ignore them, and keep stumbling like a f******* one-legged man?

That can be frustrating. I don’t use build orders either. But what I’ve done is watch a butt-ton of competitive play, thanks to T90, and I’ve picked up a few tricks from that. You might find doing the same thing helpful.

I think the same starting elo issue. But anyways ranked players are more competitive. I don’t know why you lose or how much you know about the game but try looking for build order videos from youtube and try them out.


I’ve known it since year 2000; I’ve picked it up again on 2020. I’m aware of the importance of economy; I know unit counters, and some HP, attack and armor data. I’m not ignorant. I’m just INCAPABLE OF IMPROVING.

This sounds good. I mean, just watching the general gameplay and picking up things instead of following obsesson-ridden instructions.

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If you refuse to learn build orders, it sounds more like unwilling, rather than incapable.


I posted this to a similar player in AoE3 who was running into trouble and the same applies here, I think.

The short version:
The statistics that AoE2 uses assume that any player who starts playing ranked is going to be able to beat 50% of the online ranked playerbase. This is almost never true for a new (or returning!) player, so the system will overestimate your skills until you’ve done a bunch of matches.

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I’ve played it in the 2000s too. A lot has changed since then. You can either join twitch and follow some pro players closely or read through build order guides. I’d recommend taking a look here:
Build Order Guide

Watch a video, learn fc into knight. you will be able to beat quite a few people

These obession-ridden instructions are the result of many years of players “studyng” the game. You can take the BO as recipe, or try to understand why BO tells you that 3 vils in wood is enought if you want to go for scout rush. With these knowledge, you can start improving and adapting.
You can play hundread of games, but if you don’t check the recs, don’t “study” those games, you are only feeding your frustration.

At least, in my experience, if you play knowing what are you doing, the game is far more enjoyable. Even if you lose, because you can understand why you lose.

I don’t think it’s refusal. I think he has the same problem I do: he knows he’s not going to retain the information.

Why do you want to place yourself among “the really talented people” if you can’t/won’t do what they did to get there (and what you’d need to keep up with them)? Seems like setting yourself up for disappointment.
Grinding the ladder isn’t for everybody, and if you find it’s not for you, take other peoples’ advice and take a break or engage with the game in another way (SP, Lobbies, whatever). Or again, keep at it a bit longer until you reach your true elo, and you will be matched against similarly skilled opponents in ranked.


Then it sounds like an issue of lack of practice. I could totally be wrong about that, others may just retain (or otherwise) information in a way that seems alien/inconceivable to me.

Well, I know I typically have difficulty retaining information without some kind of visual stimulus to make it stick. I’m a highly visual learner, and basically don’t learn any other way except through music.

If you could Post a link to one of your Games im sure someone Here can give a handful of good tips.
What ELO are you atm?