I hate this game

You dismiss whatbi say here , you don’t need amount of resources just the minimun to do 1 kina for 1 stable , just that

Oh my bad. I indeed missed this.

I wouldn’t call it ridiculous but it’s not really an effective strategy. Which is why I suggested trying out the Build Order Guide mod. You can find it in the ingame mod browser:

The first BO (Scout Rush) is imo enough to start out as it guides you through Dark Age and also teaches you on how to get your enomy running in Feudal Age :slight_smile:

No God d*** it, no. I’m not dismissing the help you guys are providing; I DO understand the importance of build orders, but I still think there HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY. I will never, ever, be able to learn build orders, be it the scout rush one or any other. Maybe my original suspicion was accurate and this game is designed to gate off people who can’t follow these instructions. Maybe this isn’t for everyone.

Agreed, but knowing a couple basic build orders is like step #1. IMO you’re getting ahead of yourself explaining what’s beyond BOs when OP has expressed active disinterest in using them. Stuff like hotkey drills and 3rd party apps are superfluous when your baseline is going up to Feudal with 40 vills.

I don’t want to sound mean, but do you want the feedback or not? What’s the point of people analyzing your games if you’re just fully committed to a bad strategy and you won’t do anything differently based on their feedback? People have offered up lots of suggestions of tips, and I don’t see any indication that you’ve internalized, or are even open to, any of it.

I’ll reiterate my earlier question: Why do you want to play ranked so badly if it’s such a frustrating experience for you? Seems like you were doing okay with quickplay and SP.


When you play chess, you need to learn openings. First 20 or so moves are pretty much memorized at the top level. There is very little you can do that hasn’t been seen before.

The same holds for this game. The first 20 or so vils are optimized to the extreme. You don’t have to be a master, but you do need to have a solid idea.

This game isn’t designed to gate off anyone, as you put it. Again, comparing to chess, the game isn’t designed to push away people. This is just the nature of the game. Resource management is as important as everything else.

If you don’t want to learn it, play a thousand games, and analyse each one. You’ll figure out your own strategy eventually. Be warned though, it is better to learn from people who have already done the same. Your experience isn’t unique, all of us have been through the same thing.


I get you and I felt similar so let me tell you something from someone who also was 500ish Elo two years ago when I started ranked: Build Orders are only a starting point, not something you have to follow 100 %. See them more as an extended tutorial. Don’t feel stressed if you can’t hit the timings as progress comes over time. I followed a 22pop Scout Rush BO for most of the time before I eventually starting putting my own nuances into the build.

Most Build Orders end after clicking up to Castle Age as from there it’s mostly just adapting to the situation.

I also get that RTS is difficult to get into so patience when learning the game is absolutely important.


People play this game for 25 years and enjoy that, you will never win on the ranked without make some BO.
But if you learn BO you gonna have some fun and after that you will learn how to make your decisions in game better and better , that’s the game

This seems kind of obvious but, you (probably) don’t have to retain the information. I have a notebook with build orders written in, and I read them while I’m playing – I can’t remember any of them exactly.

(That said, I realise this approach might not work for some people either.)

Picking this out because no one else seems to have addressed it: this probably means you want to do too much, or at least too much straight away. It’s generally better to advance earlier, even if it means you can only do one thing when you get there. That one thing is usually training or upgrading a particular unit that you need to get to that age for (e.g. scouts or archers for Feudal Age, knights or crossbow upgrade for Castle Age), with maybe only a few resources spare for a couple of key upgrades.


Sounds like you have some generalized frustrations that are beyond the scope and ability of this forum to help you with. For which I feel badly, but I don’t really know what to do beyond perhaps recommending some general resources or airing out a vent (in DMs), if that’s something that interests you.

Regardless, I hope you can find some greater measure of inner contentment. The universe can be a strange place, and Age2 is a fun little outlet, but there’s no substitute for having a life outside of it as pleasant and well-ordered as we can construct.


How can you memorize and execute your own BO (wait for 40 vils to up Feudal, full walled) and don’t be able to learn another BO? At this point I think you are trolling us…

I’m not trolling you for f****'s sake. I AM listening to your advice. You wonder how I manage to remember my personal build order? Well, it went like sh**; if it’s not complex enough to be effective, then it’s not complex enough to not remember it.

Is that from The Simpsons? Hehe. I like what you said in the end, that “there’s no substitute for having a life outside”.

Well, everyone want to play as “well” as possible by using tactics with high chance of winning.

And as you said, they know that if they go up to feudal too late, they die to rush. And if their opponent goes up too late their can rush. So in the end it is natural to put as many villagers as possible on non-farm food.

And here is a problem. You want to afford everything as soon as you hit castle age. Other people hit castle age sooner, cannot afford everything right away, but already afforded everything they need when you arrive to castle age.

I guess you know that the later you go to next age, the more resources you have. This is due to additional villagers produced before going to next age will bring you resources during age up time.

But this is not everything:

  • If your opponents is in castle age before you, they may add town centers and produce more villagers than you. Then have higher score
  • If your town center is not constantly producing villagers, your opponent may have more villagers than you. More villagers usually means more resources.
  • if your economy is a mess (lumber camps far away from woodlines, too many villagers at the same place bumping at each others, no economy upgrades), you will have less resources than you should
  • if you use more villager time and more resources for your walls than your opponent for his army, you will be behind.

More like you dont want to learn them, which is fine at your Elo. But you should not reject the basic concepts going along with them:

  • you should produce many villagers
  • you should put most villagers on food in dark age and be in Feudal age as early as you can on maps with feudal aggression. We favor non farm food because farm are expensive in
  • you shouldnt try to affort everything on next age, only the wood/farm upgrades, 1 or 2 buildings,and upgrades for your main military unit at most.

Well,this is like everything in life. You cannot be tour guide or teacher if you cannot contain your anger when someone does something stupid. You cannot go to university if you are not willing to invest time to study your classes. you cannot play soccer with your friends if you want to contnue playing out of boundaries…


If your opponent goes fast castle with 25 - 28 villagers, he will have knights breaking into your base while you’re still in dark age. Even an early drush could get in before you have time to wall. If not, fast feudal archers with fletching can easily break through palisades. So while 40 villagers in dark age is an interesting unconventional strategy, almost every meta strategy counters it. I think the only way you could make it work is if you send endless militia into the enemy base and have no intention of ever reaching feudal age. It’s not a good strategy, but you could probably win a lot of games at low ELO level because they don’t deal with early pressure very well and typically quit far too early.

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@Gargarensis, it sounds like you don’t want to play well. Which is honestly fine. I know some games I don’t feel like playing my best, and I just want to relax, forget half my build order and YOLO. But the ELO on my main account is too high to play that way and still enjoy the experience.

How low did you get your ELO after losing all those games? Perhaps you’ll need to get it a bit lower still before you reach your own level on the ‘ladder’. The strategy you describe with 50 pop castle age sounds like you’d need to get pretty low to find enjoyable games.

If you do want to learn build orders (which it sounds like you might not. Again, this is fine.) I find the mod much much more useful than the lists or videos. To play my best I have to play through the build order mod scenario right before queuing up for ranked.

Imo aiming to be as good as the top players isn’t the best approach to the game. You should play for fun but also have to keep in mind a few basics which is where Build Orders come in as for Dark Age, they are all pretty similar:

  • 2 houses, 6 on sheep
  • 3 on wood
  • 1st boar
  • 3-4 on berries, meanwhile bring in the 2nd boar
  • Few more on boar/sheep and wood
  • Loom + Click Feudal at 20-22 population (depending on your build)
    (And of course, don’t forget to build more houses inbetween)

Even if you don’t want to follow this step by step, there’s always something to keep in mind and imo Zelley put it quite nicely:

Just reading your first post already makes me believe that your mindset is your problem. If you don’t want to learn build orders, that’s fine, but you will need to lose a few more games before you will find equally skilled opponents. If you continue with this mindset, just play against the AI.

Bro, are you okay? It feels like you need a form of help that none of us here can provide.


If all this is not only a big joke from you, then you need to do therapy. A professional one. You don’t hate the game, you hate your life. Start with that, then concern about a game.


Viper make BO too that’s one if the reasons why he iso good too.

@Gargarensis, if you ever want to talk about some of your difficulties in life, feel free to DM me.

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