Fellow Mod -Gamers Hello.

I actually posted that at 10th of April , few days after the Mangonel nerf and many friends of mine , found that good idea , and they told me to post it in Official forums in order devs to see it. So here i am.

strong textI d like to be excused in case some of what i ll write has already been told or discussed before , but i genuinely thought the whole process and thought it would be nice to share with you guys.

Not long time ago i was watching Grubbys stream when he was playing PUP and he played an FFA match with some viewers , the game was pretty fun and it really got my attention cause it was fun to watch and i imagined it would be also fun to play.

Few days ago i randomly saw a streamer called Sniper , hosting an FFA game with some random people and just like that i said , hmm can i play ? see how it goes . Bottom line, i talked with the host and i signed up . 1-2 days later we played . Thing is that the FFA i signed up had some ground rules , and even tho i was abit hesitant to participate by the help of translator i understood them and agreed to play. The rules were , 60 mins timer , guy with most kills wins unless he is eliminated by landmarks . If you kill an enemy landmark you get some bonus or something (still not sure). The game ended and it was insanely fun , i ll just note a highlight when 2 people attacked me, one bottom left and one from the bottom right and cause they were outnumbering me i was losing and retreating all the time , and at one point they killed all my army and then they started fighting each other , inside my base , while i was recruiting new army to fight both of them . Took me few seconds to get 2-3 margonels ready and sprayed both armies and took bunch of kills. That moment really stayed in my mind cause it was super intense and cool .

So whats the post about . I would like to suggest to any potential modder to create a sub mob in AOE4 that by time community will optimize it , attract more people and maybe create some fun tournaments to play. So i suggest making a mod that has a Timer 45 mins 60 mins or more , that in lobby you cannot see the civs that enemies will pick , and while playing , instead of score you see kills / deaths . so you have to make things happen in the time gap . Also i d like to mention that chat would be nice not to be allowed so we can prevent teamming into one player, and turtling wont be an option since no kills no win . Constant fights and insane action the whole time so you get more kills . Kinda reminds me MOBA like version but i think it worth a try. When time ends guy with most kills is awarded victory. There s room for many ideas to input so players enjoy this great game .

Maybe it gets popular and gets a ranked version and top 3 people for example gain elo bottom 3 lose elo and mid 2 stay the same, it can have an ocean of ideas and sky is the limit , just saying few myself.

I also thought that in the game there are the soloers , the team gamers and maybe theres a new “genre” of players the Free soloers , kekw. Thanks for reading the post till the end , i hope this might spark an idea and maybe create something big.

Cheers .