I have a mlllion dollar idea

Maybe make a separate forum for ROR? More attention will be given to it and less convolution here.


Make an another forum for history fetisists too.


Another thread for all the drama. Great.


No drama here, just separate the two forums. I think it makes great sense, ROR players will be paid more attention and AOE 2 players won’t be annoyed by all the topics.


I really thought this would be the case. Since RoR is not a separate game, they won’t get a separate forum I guess.

Yeah, this is a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. There’s no reason for RoR not to have its own subforum, and it will prevent lots of clutter and annoyance for everyone here who’s not into that (and vice-versa, if the plan to get lots of AoE1 fans over here works). I don’t expect to be an RoR fan, but if I was, I’d definitely want a separate forum for this.

People can call it what they like, but they’re different games (if not “separate” anymore). Existing game modes like DM, Empire Wars or Battle Royale (I think - never actually played it) at least share a common core of civs/units. Age-ception and AoE2 don’t, so there’s no reason for their respective discussions to overlap.


Both of us are right. Separate and different are not directly synonymous. RoR is a different game but not separate from AoE2. I wish this was a separate game btw. And AOE2 could just get a small Romans civ only DLC. Also there would be opportunity for adding own DLC for RoR.

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Agree. Every second post here is about ROR and a lot of people won’t even be playing it so it’s weird having it clutter the forum like this.