I have issues with playing recordings

Since a month ago I’ve been getting the “Playback stopped because is is out of sync with the original game” error whenever I make a recording.

Thought it was because of the PUP, but I’ve just played a game today and it gave me that error again, I can only see half of the recorded game.

Is there a fix to this? Maybe reopening the game and trying again?

I’ll leave the recording here so someone else can try it…
(I was gonna try to show the recording to Widgie hahaha, not today son)

Intense late game - evenly matched (OTTvsJAP).age3Yrec (12.5 MB)

Tried, failed, and noticed it dies at exactly 18:00 minutes of the recording every time.

No mods installed, it was a ranked 1v1 supremacy.

ayuuuuda :,(