I hope this swamp biome can be preserved forever

It’s so awesome, it really creates the feeling of a lifeless swamp, which is completely different from the bright green + gray blue feeling of AOE2

Like the Enchanted Forest, I think it’s a pity that these wonderful biomes will disappear after the event ends


They should just make these biomes available for custom games permanently.


It’s pretty cool to see them use lighting differently. Now let’s see them do it on every map.

The only things holding this back are artifacts like anti aliasing not working on foliage, making grass look grainy and pixelated. Or water not being reflective at this angle, and isn’t visible in examples like this image. A swamp should look like a swamp, water needs some work done visually. Let’s make that happen.

Add some animal variations and some subtle effects like fog, rain or whatever, and this would be perfect.

Very much appreciate the creation of new assets and textures just for this biome. This is commitment that was lacking with the enchanted grove. I also appreciate that this is vaguely something that could be real, and thus does not break the image of my HRE army attacking a French one.

Can only praise the work here. I am hoping to see more of this.


+1 I hope they keep this biome. Greetings.

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These biomes should at least be unlockable rewards so people can enjoy them whenever they want. All that hard work for a limited time event is sad. This one looks great. I love the tone of it.


The new biome is called Hallow’s Heart. There is no biome nor map called “swamp”.

That being said, this new biome is amazing. It keeps with the expected AoE 4 realism (no magical crap), the desaturation and haze look great and I wish it would remain.


They should indeed have (and give) more freedom with this sort of things.

I mean, they’ve created these biomes, why trashing them after the events are over? Just leave them there at least in custom/skirmish games. Event after event we would have a pretty good selection for all our moods or for our sceneries.

We don’t have a proper snowy biome, at the moment, the closest thing is Taiga Winter. Were they to add, in a winter event, a biome with completely snowy terrain and maybe some related effect, why scrap it afterwards? It would be awesome to keep it forever.

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The BEST Bioma in the game.


I’m very happy that we are all happy, happy Halloween everyone :smile:.

NOW THIS is the biome that’s worth to keep. Imagine this biome at the Battle of Agincourt campaign, with the French charged foolishly to the English line bogged down by the swamp, then arrows starts shooting at them from the eerie forests while mists blocks their visions beyond a few meters. Truly atmospheric if I have to say, if there’s a rain weather it would’ve been even better.

I would love for any dev to chime in here. They can remove the Halloween themes (the pumpkins and some sound effects) but the biome should stay. We are starved for realistic and different-feeling biomes. Most of them feel almost identical (Asian subtropical and temperate - gobi and steppe). I would be hard pressed to identify them blindly.

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