I hoped 3 civs each 6 months at least. My suggestion

Yeah, I would love more civilizations, I just think I would much rather prefer quality over quantity.

And I totally understand what you are saying. I do a conscious effort to not see too much of new civilizations when they are coming out, because it’s feels like some sort of spoiler. But sometimes its just hard to contain the curiosity impulses. :sweat_smile:

I am completely with you. I’m just glad we’re getting new content for the game at all, I don’t care how many new civilizations we get. The United States civilizastion has been very good I’m sure the African civilizations will be good too.


do you think i dont have the money to pay? what is more, i would pay the double for aoe3 than for ao4
i would donate

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It has nothing to do with how much you pay, it is about dev work time. AoE2 gets 4 new civs a year, you double that and you get 8, still not 9. 9 civs is just a buttload to ask for every year, not to mention that they have to work on 2 games, AoE2 AND AoE3


did you know that money can hire more people?

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You’d have to hire double the people, not worth it

Since October of last year, there has been 3 new civs: Incas, Swedes and USA. Now, probably before a year has passed, they are going to release a new expansion with at least 2 more civs (some say 3, but nothing confirmed yet). So that’s 5 or 6 new civs in les than a year. What is the complaint? There are your 3 civs each 6 months. 9 civs a year sounds like a lot of work (it would be fun tho).


not all factions/expansions are going to take the same amount of time tho. African DLC was in works since before the game launched (and so was the US) but it still need a lot of other work since not only do you need to make units, you also need a completely new architecture, native fauna and a lot of assets for the maps etc.

by comparison a European or even native American civ would be fairly easy to make.


because they gave civs and no campaign. No historic battles. Only civs


Yeah, i’d lile more single player content as well

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I’d f’n love that if it were in AoE3 and 2 if possible. If Rise of Nations was properly remade or rebooted, I’d play that all day. The Cold War and Conquer the World campaigns were so damn fun.


With AoE4 coming out, this is probably the last AoE3 expansion, at least for a while.

Also don’t forget to keep on paying for DLCs so they can see returns and keep producing content (as long as they stay as good in quality).


Unfortunately that’s what we are getting. It isn’t a very good feeling after new content to be ‘‘only satisfied’’, somehow we want overestimate and wait for epicness.
I’m fine with 2 african civs, I don’t know how many research was needed to provide the uniqueness to each one. As long as there fun, i will praise the devs for the effort.


Also include Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends.

I’ve never tried that game but gonna check it out

It’s the spin off game of the Rise of Nations with fantasy setting. It’s really unique and underrated.

They said African Royals is the last DLC planned for the game. And to everyone wanting almost a dozen civs a year… what’s wrong with y’all? You have any idea how much effort just making one civ takes?

they haven’t said that?

they say that depending on how successful this DLC is will depend on whether or not we get more.


i think we have quite a lot of new civs to figure out rn, I see no need for more. this isnt aoe2 where you add a unit and shift around a tech tree, this is a full civilisation from the ground up with entirely new mechanics. Give it a while, maybe we’ll get mapuche or whatever someday but africa was literally released this morning