I hoped 3 civs each 6 months at least. My suggestion

272 days have happened and we only have 3 new civilizations on definitive edition.
could we get al least 9 civilization per year?

What makes people to play this game, is adding new insteresting things, and that means new civilizations, we dont want bombard brawl and that kind of events.

Please make more civilizations, and take my monet, i will buy all of them, instantly.

Please add more taunts.


I hope there will be a boom for new civs after the African DLC.

My DLCs proposal after the African DLC premiere:

  1. Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The Majestic Sultans (Persians, Moroccans and Arabs (Civ based on the Omani Empire and other Arab states))
  2. Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The Golden Age (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Denmark-Norway)
  3. Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The Liberated America (Mexicans, Colombians, Brazilians + potentially Argentines)
  4. Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The Napoleonic Wars (Italians and Austro-Hungary)
  5. Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The Wealth of Asia (Koreans, Siamese and Tatars)

I did not give a proposal for another African DLC, because it is not yet known what civs will be in the African DLC (and even how many civs). Hopefully these civs will only represent Black Civilizations as I think North African civs (aka Arab civs) should appear in another DLC - Islamic.
I hope the upcoming African DLC will give us a minimum of 3 civs - Ethiopians, Hausa and Congolese. Zulu (or Mutapa) could be a free civ added with the update.


Well it all depends on us guys. I know I will just throw my money at any new Civ they are adding. If enough of us do that there is no limit to the DLCs we can get, as long as it is profitable for Microsoft.

I’d even be ok with 2 Civs per DLC, but more frequent ones then. I think adding historically AOE2 style campaigns would be huge for the game!
People need to spend a good amount of time in Single Player with interesting campaigns, before they can potentially transition to multiplayer.

Ideally the Devs would support modding and scenarios like in the original game, or even work with the content creators to create community DLCs/coop campaigns!


Also another suggestion for the Devs:

I personally loved those old multiplayer scenarios where you’d battle through a map with 5 other players, each controlling one or a few units, upgrading their stats by getting kills! One player would e.g. get a skirmisher unit, another a musketeer, and the people had to coordinate to counter the enemies appropriately - fighting through a map/story.

This would be something very unique, not too hard to implement, and could boost the attractiveness of multiplayer when done right!
Combine that with things like colosseum, and you’d have fun ways that would give the AOE3:DE multiplayer its clear distinction and attraction which would be different to the multiplayer focus of AOE2:DE, potentially appealing to both player bases and uniting the players with fun ways to play both games!

I’m hoping for more single player contents such as campaigns.
The mechanics and logic of AOE3 fits very well into long campaigns, even large strategic maps (they could even find a way to make a strategic map in COH3, which was a small conflict game) — sending shipments and “reinforcements”, unlocking new units and cards, etc. Strange this game was treated as a pvp game.

That was the only thing I didn’t understand for the design of the original AOE3. The diversity of units and techs and the many in-game options, gave me the feeling of a single player-focused game with much greater depth, but actually single player contents were really lacking and the original game was even more fast-paced than it is now, meaning a lot of the depth was not explored at all. The two expansions didn’t address this either.

The majority of players (me included) seem to dislike having to grind through upgrades just to get a competitive civ in skirmishers and pvps, but that would be fun in campaigns. If there were major updates later, I’m hoping for more full-length campaigns, or even strategic maps where you can upgrade and build decks for your troops and settlements, etc.

This game has huge potentials and I hope they are not wasted.


9 new civs a year is a lot to ask


i agree that 9 factions a year is maybe a bit much to ask for, but it is rather disappointing that we only seem to have seen the African faction and well then a faction that frankly could have been something more deserving like Persia.

i really hope we continue to see more content post AOE 4, cause i really wanna see some of the factions we haven’t got so far.

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I have no doubt that they will continue these games after AoE4

  • 2 different dev teams
  • more revenue

Well, they added treaty in TAD, they could add a RoN-like campaign with a strategic map mode

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Bombard brawl is exactly the kind of thing I want to see more of! Holiday events are really cool also, like if there were little historic battles released on the day they happened or those avatar events they had during christmas.

Civs, scenarios, campaigns, or even skin packs for buildings and units as long as they are historical.

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We have to let them know on social media and tell them we want more content. It is what I do :slight_smile:

I hope this African DLC isn’t the end. There is so much that could be added for AoEIIIDE!


This is a difficult topic. I would like to see new architecture styles for this game, but I think it should be free content. It would be weird to play online where one would play Russians with the current architecture and the other would play Russians with a unique architecture. I believe that new architecture styles should be added for free in the big updates that would take place during the DLC releases.

We currently only have three architecture styles for European civs in this game:
British / Dutch / French - Western European?
Ottoman / Portuguese / Spanish - Mediterranean?
German / Russian / Swedes - Eastern European?

I think the addition of new styles of European architecture should happen with the launch of the new European DLC.
Assuming that 4 new European civs would be added - Austria-Hungary, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Denmark-Norway and Italians; I propose to create such styles of architecture:

  1. British / French - the style they currently have
  2. Portuguese / Spanish / Italians - the style they currently have
  3. Swedes / Denmark-Norway / Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - the style that the Swedes have today
  4. Dutch / German / Austria-Hungary - new style
  5. Russian - new unique style

Of course, each of these civs would have its own unique buildings, e.g. a unique Church.

A non-European new style (Islamic?) Would be for the Ottomans, Arabs and Moroccans (Arabs and Moroccans propose as new civs included in the Islamic DLC along with Persians who would have a unique style of architecture - like other Asian civs).

lol you might be underestimating the amount of work that goes into creating a new civ for aoe3, especially when considering multiplayer balance and the EXTREMELY harsh critics. I think that it’s nice that aoe3 has gotten 3 new civs-- soon to be 5 after African DLC. Aoe3 isn’t the game that can support an indefinite number of civilizations imo. I like the new civs and I’m excited for Africa expansion, but I do think that they should stop at some point.

After all, isn’t this going to be the “definitive edition?” If it’s always changing, at what point does it become definitive? My opinion is that their goal should be to create a near-perfect version of aoe3 and then leave it alone.


2 new African civs would be a massive downgrade. The least amount of new civs is 3 that can satisfy me.

The definitive version probably means that they will not create any further revamped versions of these games. If these games are supported all the time, it is quite logical that the developers will have to earn money in return. The best way for us players to do this is to release DLCs - new content for us, money for developers. AoE 3, unlike AoE 2, shouldn’t have a huge number of civs. The AoE 3 timeframe is the period of huge empires. Only 4 very important European civs from that period are missing in this game.

Let’s face it, AoE 2 is already a game that will have a problem with “insufficient” civs forever. That game is already based on specific kingdoms (Burgundians) and nations. Of course, this game is so popular that we will definitely have a lot of new content waiting for it.

But back to AoE 3. We already know that this game will not be neglected like AoE 1. We get updates, events and even a USA civ DLC (it’s not a very polished civ, nor does it add some campaign or Historical Battle; but at least something is happening to this game). We also know that we will receive an African DLC. I hope this game will be supported for a very long time and it will get a lot of new content.

PS: It’s a pity the devs ignored AoE 1 and didn’t try to do some DLC or anything else to save that game.


You are definitely right. Only 2 African civs in the DLC would be a mockery. If they want to add civs from an unrepresented continent, there should be more than 3 African civs after 16 years of the game’s existence. In my opinion, 3 African civs in the DLC are an absolute minimum, and the devs could give an additional 1-2 African civs for free, so that everyone can get to know the African mechanics (and to reward this continent in the classic AoE 3 version).

  • Ethiopians, Hausa, Zulu (or Mutapa) - civs in paid DLC

  • Congolese and Kanem-Bornu civs added in the free update

I would see Moroccans in a shared DLC (Islamic) along with Arabs (Omani) and Persians.

In the case of Europe, I would see two separate DLCs containing 2 new civs.

  1. DLC - Austria-Hungary and Italians
  2. DLC - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Denmark-Norway

Fewer civs (2 instead of 3 civs) would be rewarded with new Historical Battles, Campaigns, and new game modes - e.g. Cooperative Napoleonic Wars.

Undoubtedly, these four European civs are the only powers from the European continent not represented in this game.

The addition of the USA civ opened the way for America’s greatest revolutionary civs - Mexicans, Brazilians and Colombians + Argentines. Before the USA civ, this was not necessary, but now it has to be done.

It would be nice to see Koreans (who are in all parts of the series but not AoE 3) and Siamese in this game. The appearance of Tatars in the Historical Battles may mean the addition of a Tatar civ in the future. We’ll see how it goes.

Finally, I will mention the American Natives. Hope we get some DLC adding the most powerful American natives civs. I count most on Niswi-mishkodewinan (Council of Three Fires), Cherokee and Comanche - North American Natives.
Muisca, Tupi and Mapuche - South American natives.

The Polynesians that people often ask for could have their own DLC. Like the USA civ DLC.

Of course, the proposals I have listed would be a plan for several years. The developers could release one big DLC ​​and one smaller DLC every year. In this way, the game would be constantly developed over a long period of time, and we players would enjoy the new content.


while there might at some point be a point where all relevant nations have been added, i dont think were at that point now, and i dont agree that we shouldn’t add more anytime soon.

AOE 2 had 4 expansions after its steam release, AOE 3 for various reasons didn’t after its steam release (mostly that it is the same game, and that you dont want to alienate your players by splitting them up between steam and not steam, and because it would just straight up be difficult to keep the style of a game as old as AOE 3, see TAD and WC as examples compared to vanilla).

now i dont want to see 50 or even just 40 factions, but i do think that we could see at least 25 factions, perhaps up to around 30, tho that is admittedly a little unrealistic.

that is just my opinion tho.

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If I’m being 100% honest, I much rather have 2 good quality African civilizations than a bunch of rushed ones.

I really liked the United States addition, and that was a single civilization. I got them via the challenges, but I would definitively bought them if I didn’t have the option.

So I’m dead serious when I say that I would buy a DLC with a single good quality civilization on it, but I would not buy a DLC with 10 poorly made ones.

I don’t mind the developers taking their time to make expansion, as long as the final product have good quality.


i touched usa like 10 times. I didnt like it. It owuld be good it they add more civs. More money more variety.
Also knowing that aussie drongo was playing usa and making 20 videos about the usa before the civ realease. Makes the release of a civilization like oh well, all is on youtube now, do i watch youtube or discover the civ by myself?
I think that 15 tutorials on streategy shouldnt be available on youtube 1 day before realease of teh civ