I just LOVE Age of Mythology both the first one and the Titan's expansion

I can’t wait for Microsoft to announce something like Age of Mythology 2 or a brand new Age of Mythology with a new storyline and campaign. I loved playing the Arkantos mission and that of his son in the Titans Expansion. At the Gamescom announcement in late August, I would be very excited if Microsoft announced a brand new Age of Mythology. So, not an updated version of the old games, but a new one made to run with latest graphics options. Playing Age of Mythology was one of the best parts of my youth and I would simply love to relive that experience with an even better campaign and design. Maybe New Units, more gods, more options for tech trees! Oh please Microsoft I hope you announce a brand new Age of Mythology with a new story sometime soon! I can’t wait to fall in LOVE with the game again!

I wholeheartedly agree with you! I would love to see Age of Mythology 2, there is a big list of mythologies of the world and I can’t wait to explore more through the game. The campaigns are my all-time favorite: the voice acting was great, the humor was enjoyable and the storyline was engaging.

I also agree, ive played age of mythology for as long as I can remember and love it very much, it would be awesome to see maybe some new proper mythologies or a new game

While I love AoM, I really don’t think they are or even should make a new one.
First of all the developers involved with the remaster etc did an extremely poor job, they dont really seem to care much for AOM. Secondly the way the AOM community has been treated after TOTD release is quite an indication of how M$ thinks of it. If its going to be a mess like the remake and TOTD they should just keep their hands off, even FE underperformed a lot on it.

Firt time when i played aom, when i was 5 y.o. now im 18, and have insane nostalgy. I know that titan exp. released at 2003, but i see it firstly in 2016, i was really excited! :smiley:

Age of Mythology is my favourite RTS of all time, by a wide margin. I still really enjoy the game. It’s great fun playing multiplayer with friends, or playing through the campaigns.

But I must say, I was rather disappointed with the Chinese expansion. The expansion itself had major balance issues upon release, but even aside from that, at the same time as it was released, the developers made a heap of “balance” fixes to the base game. Adding in units to the existing civs which completely mess with the original balance intentions of the game, and make it a lot less enjoyable.