I just played a random map ranked 1v1 on Wade

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I’ve been losing several games in a row today, but that doesn’t concern me to much. The thing that does seem like a problem, is the fact that I just played a random map 1v1 on Wade, a map I had basically zero clue how to play, because it was in the Empire Wars map pool.

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  • Less than 25% of the time / matches I play (RARELY)
    It’s only happened once.

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  1. I really don’t know. Sorry. I just queued for a random map game, with no starred or banned maps, and got given Wade. I picked Burgundians as my civ before queuing, and ticked the random civ box, I then picked Koreans after I got the map.

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I don’t hugely care which map I play, which has led to a number of losses, but I definitely don’t expect to be playing maps from another map pool.

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Same thing happened to me once right before previous map rotation change. If i remember correctly i had a couple of maps banned, golden pit starred but what i played was four lakes, a map from the next rotation.

Did you get Empire Wars? Did you start with more than 3 (4 as Mayans, 6 as Chinese) Villager and a Scout or Eagle?

No. It was definitely giving me one of the maps from the next map pool, as I played that game a couple of hours before the map pool ticked over.

Sometimes, maps appearing in the pool are not the map really in the pool. Something is wrong in the actualisation during rotations. It happened to me on previous rotations.

Hi all!

We could not reproduce this issue. However I will pay attention to forums to see if this something common in other players.


It’s wierd. First I played a map from the new pool a couple of hours before it changed. Then the maintenance break took place, and the map pool reverted to what it was before. Now it all seems fixed, so I don’t think you can possibly replicate it. I think you just have to do a heap of testing a few hours beforw the next map pool change.