I just realized, why do the DLC civs have a different style of campaign map?

I just noticed this, and I thought it was kind of interesting. With all of the basic AoE2 DE campaign maps, the map has kind of a yellowish texture with minimal detail. The new DLC civs both have much paler maps with more details. Is it because the original maps focus on continents rather than areas? Still strange that the color changed though. Examples:


Vs Dawn of the Dukes:

Also, not sure if this is an oversight, or deliberate, but the Lords of the West map is the only map with a weird join in the book, that none of the other maps have, which you can see if you compare the screenshot below to the ones above:

Has anyone else noticed this?

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The Historical Battles in Africa map just triggers me. The devs should remove both the Historical Battles and the Art of War from the campaign map and have their own tab in the menus. It’s already 2022 (2 anniversaries) and still no revamp on the main menu.


I can understand the Art of War, but I think it makes more sense if they replace it with an actual Chinese campaign. I’m not so sure about the Historical Battles, because I like being able to just flick through all the campaigns and choose it. What do you mean by tab? If you mean a separate menu option from the home menu, like how you select campaigns, then I don’t agree. If you mean adding it as a tab to the right, like how you can choose one of the areas, like Africa or Asia, and it just opens the menu, then I’m fine with that.

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Its probably the art style of different people incharge of making the dlcs.

I suppose. Kind of weird how the LotW map has a different binding from the other maps though.

imo, we need several of those maps to be reworked or remove, especially Africa and the three European ones. My ideal rework at the moment would involve:

  • a bookmark for historical battles, no acces from another map
  • an entire rework of the Art of War to make it full Chinese (I would still welcome an actual Chinese campaign in a later dlc)
  • no map covering the whole European continent
  • a “Western Europe” map for William Wallace, Edward Longshank, Joan of Arc, Barbarossa and the Grand Dukes of the West
  • an “Iberia” map for el Cid, Francisco de Almeida and Tariq ibn Ziyad
  • an “Italy” map for Sforza, Alaric, the Hautevilles and Belisa… Bari
  • an “Eastern Europe” map with Attila, Ivailo, Dracula, Jan Zizca, Algridas and Kestutis, Jadwiga and possibly Kotyan Khan unless he’s moved to Asia
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Tons of good ideas floating in the forums hopefully they can implement some of your suggestions.

Wait. And just remove the other African campaigns? Or are you just wanting to move Tariq and historical battles and Almeida and keep the others?

I would keep the remaining three campaigns on the African map, and hopefully change it later when other African civs are added.

The menu used to have a tab for historical battles but they removed it when they updated the menu…

The slightly different art style doesn’t bother me (I actually like the heraldic symbols on the Dawn of the Dukes map).
What I don’t like is that by introducing new DLC campaigns on separate maps, the campaign selection is no longer a Definitive Edition. For the next DLC, the space for the selectable bookmarks already becomes scarce. Every campaign incl. DLCs should be positioned on maps solely sorted by geographic location (like in the base AoE II DE plus a separate bookmark for Battles). Perhaps not-owned DLC campaigns could be greyed out elegantly.
When positioning every campaign geographically, the Europe map indeed needs to be redone in a different scale or rather divided in at least two maps (although every division is quite arbitrary). Perhaps West / East, or Mediterranean (incl. North African campaigns, Attila & Ivaylo) vs. Central/Northern Europe, then Africa could be changed to Subsaharan Africa (with only two campaigns so far).

Egypt is in africa so saladin needs to be there.

In my suggestion, Saladin would be part of the Mediterranean map, as both Egypt and the Levant border it

Then the berbers should also get included as they too border the mediterranean sea.

Exactly that’s my suggestion (Berber campaign plays in Europe anyway), thus leaving only Malian and Ethiopian campaign for sub-Saharan Africa so far.

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This could work, it groups together the Iberian and Italian maps in my suggestion and adds Saladin to it.