I knew it new civs baby

The idea of a delhi variant that’s NOT focused on free upgrades and has VIABLE elephants in feudal!!! I think i speak for the community at large and can say with great certainty,

the ppl will love it!!!

More ideas:

Variant delhi still has a focus on scholarship. Scholars now provide a discount to all tech prices to include age up. 5 scholars = 15% discount and 10% research speed, 10 scholars = 30% discount and 20% research (capped).

Can no longer capture sites in feudal. TOV is replaced with a landmark stable that offers the ability to make cheaper and viable elephants in feudal. Dof no longer provides a discount on scholar prices but instead spawns with 5 scholars once built. And offers unique scholar abilities like zeal and swiftness in feudal age. But this zeal once researched offers an extended healing range up to 7 tiles range.

The new DoF will be an eco/FC unqiue scholar play. Meanwhile the new stable TOV landmark will allow for more feudal base aggression with an onus on the beloved :elephant:!!!

I need this civ yesterday!!!


Stable landmark doesnt work like the Japanese shinobi landmark where you can ONLY make elephants in fedual from said landmark. Instead the stable landmark unlocks elephants in feudal but the discount only applies on the landmark. Bc this variant has elephants in feudal they will no longer get ghazi raiders…

Next the variant civ elephants will have bonus vs infantry and in imperial age the melee elephant will get bonus also vs cav. The melee elephant will NOT be categorized as a heavy unit, instead it will have light armor with an extremely impressive HP pool and a movement speed of 1.375 tiles per sec. Spears and knights will be it’s counter UNTIL imperial upgrades where only HC AND SPEARS will ultimately be the final counter.

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I like this Delhi variant idea. Elephant in feudal could be fun, and moving away from capturing sites could make good variations for delhi.

Me personally, i’d like if there is more than 1 variant civ in the game with heroes (i know many people dont like it, but now heroes are here to stay and it would be strange that JD is the only one). I think heroes should be limited to variants though.

And i think the PERFECT variant civ to add a hero is MONGOL. Genghis Khan is such a classic hero, and unlike JD, it makes sense to have Genghis Khan be strong in combat. Really hope the mongol variant going to feature Genghis Khan as hero. I think it wouldn’t work as well for english delhi or rus to have a hero civ, since there are no perfect pick as hero choice like it is the case with mongol. Also the hero would replace the base mongol Khan unit so it just make sense.

I hateeeeeeeèe hero civs. But mongols is THE BEST thematically for a hero variant hands down.


Perhaps Varangian (not to be confused with the Vikings) mercenaries or their own troops armed in Varangian style and of course the famous river pirates - Ushkuiniki. There will probably be bonuses in the ship business, stone architecture by default, they will somehow beat the Veche (form of government) and the bell that called for this very Veche, also developed trade.

Can be. I’m fanaticizing a Mongols invasion based DLC. So Khwarazmian was the obvious choice.

I heard that was just a rumor spread around the community.

Yeah possible.

The Golden Horde is one the four(Division of the Mongol Empire - Wikipedia) options :smile:

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Give the British a variant civ!

Yes, I agree…it is between being an English, French or Byzantine variant…

Yes, that’s discounted… I think we will have dlcs until at least 2026…

There are two studies…maybe if AoM RT is launched in October, the AoE 4 dlc will be released in November and the AoE 3 dlc will be released in December…

That’s a good one…

Yes, in general the melee units are heavy and the ranged units are light, that’s how it has always been in the saga, at least since AoM…

Yes, maybe he is a little right…The Cossacks (in Russian: казак, tr.: kazak (plural, казаки kazaki); Ukrainian: козак kozak (plural, козаки kozaki);1​ in Polish: kozak (plural , kozacy)) were groups of social and military formations, initially of Slavic origin, which settled permanently in the steppes of what is currently southern Russia and Ukraine,2​ that provided military services to the neighboring rulers of Rostov-on-Don, Kuban, the Caucasus and Ukraine, approximately in the 10th century. The Cossacks were known for their military prowess and self-confidence. The name derives from the Slavic languages Kasak “nomad”, “free man”.3 This term is mentioned for the first time in a Ruthenian document dating from 1395.

The Khwarazmians would be v4224ls of the Seljuks and those would be variants of the Ottomans…

Yes, that’s why I say it…

It’s probably the Angevins…

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I answered KnowingLamb8370, but for some reason it refers to you)

It’s good that the developers, unlike you, know the history of Rus’.

Yes, it usually happens…

I would take it. English needs something. I use them the most. The longbows are dirty

Even in european sources calls today russia muscovite tsardom.In Ottomans they called rus to the ukranians and moscow to todays russia.

Ukraine, as a country, did not exist at that time, it was the name of a number of border territories, and there was also no name Kievan Rus, as historians began to call (for convenience) the period when the great princes ruled Rus from Kyiv. By this logic, this territory could be called: Novgorod Rus’, Vladimir Rus’, Moscow Rus’ :man_shrugging:t3:

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What is this then Kievan Rus' - Wikipedia

This is Rus’, even according to your link, it is indicated:

The name was coined by Russian historians in the 19th century.

What I wrote to you above. Let’s remember this.

The modern country of Ukraine attributes to itself the heritage of Rus, only on the basis that one of the capitals is on its territory, but the first capital is Staraya Ladoga, then the second is Veliky Novgorod and at the sunset of Rus the capital is in Vladimir, these are the territories of modern Russia, most of Rus is located in Russia. So by calling Rus Kievan (from where we read this term above), they seem to hint that we have the main capital here and we are the legal successors, but this is not so, the legal successor of Rus is the Moscow Principality (as a collector of lands, even contemporaries put its right to this higher than that of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Russian and others), the Russian Empire, the USSR and now the Russian Federation.


The concept of who is the official successor of which medieval or even ancient kingdom/empire is kinda pointless.
Like how Finland is totally the legit successor of the Roman Empire if you use the right arguments. Every argument is the chain makes sense on it’s own but in the end we all know that Finland has little to do with the Roman Empire.

All 3 countries, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are successors of the Rus. None of them have some special rights over others because of that.
Claiming the heritage of some 1000 years old kingdom is nothing other then pointless patriotism.


So i found this is this real? Edit:It was a clickbait it is a mod.


It’s pretty exciting imo I hope we get more modding tools soon.

Yes, you could also have a French-English mix with the Angevins…

Yes, otherwise they could have called them Ruthenians and it wouldn’t be so complicated…

Yes, it would have been good…but we know that there will be no new civs or variants until the end of the year…while we will have to settle for the civs mods…

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