I knew it new civs baby


One of the flags are for the kingdom of Cyprus, as a crusade Christian kingdom does that mean its a variant civ for the byzantines?

This looks like new Variants for Rus and French civs to me.

I think they are Rus and english.

These little leaks are really cool.


My prediction a new DLC - Conquest of Khans.

New civs - Andalusians and Poles.
Variant civs -
Those 2 in the video. And
Delhi Sultanate variant - Khwarazmian Empire
Mongols variant - The Golden Horde

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One is Rus variant and other can be a new civ it self as a crusader state or maybe a French variant.Im fine aslong as they dont do something like zhu xi,order of the dragon or jeanne darc.Also i hope new variants gets a different landmarks too.Im sure there will be more civs because beasty said it will be the biggest update im so excited for this new update or dlc.


If these are variant civs (looks like Novgorod and Cyprus, very likely variant Rus and English) I hope in the future they really follow the same path and utilize this concept to portray sub-factions of existing civs or civs that are not unique enough to get a full roster but also not close enough to be merged into another civ, such as Ayyubids (not “Sultan’s Army”).

Instead of:

  • “Whatever we have not included in the base civ” plus a fictional name
  • A person
  • A real faction but with almost all-fictional units and bonuses.

Hello, I hope you are all very well :smiley: On February 24, in an Age of Empires IV Facebook group, a user found this error in an official article that was very strange. That article has already been corrected but it attracted a lot of attention at the time, greetings.

Source on Facebook: Redirecting...


So the second flag is a new civ and it is a crusader state.How nobody shared that image here?


If it is just 2 variant civs perhaps it is a free update? Or they might be just standalone civs for a small cost each or discounted for both.


Oh no, with Novgorov, my dream of a “Cossak Civ” as Russ Variant is ruined, fufufu.

Well, my Cossack concept was in Delta phase (not even in beta), and Novgorov was my second option, so well, whatever.

Okay, time to theorize:

1).- Outremer, or the Crusader Kingdoms is one of them, Right?

2).- What unique units or mechanic do you think Novgorov will have?"

I can’t think of any for Novgorov, but for the Crusader Kingdoms, or Outremer I can think of quite a few:

OUTREMER / Crusader Kingdoms

Unique Units:

  • Templar Order Knight
  • Hospitaller Order Knight
  • Teutonic Order Knight
  • Grand Master of the orders before.
  • Turkopole


Curiously, the Turkopole is the MOST IMPORTANT, because he is a Cavalry Archer, and was unique to the Crusader Kingdoms.

I want to suppose that each Order Knight are going to cost 2 population or be very Expensive, because in the campaign only a few of them were very broken.

3.- ARQUITECTURE and LANGUAJE of Outremer/ Crusader Kingdoms

I had the impression that they were going to wait to release Italians civs as Milan, the Genoese, Tuscany (Florence), Venice, before release Outremer, because many of the crusaders there were from many, but many cultures and kingdoms, but above all Italians.

The bad thing is that even for languages, the Genoese, Milanese and Tuscans, Venetians speak different pronunciations.

Will they use Byzantine architecture as a mold? So, will it be a Byzantine variant?

Noo, that’s very bad: I was already planning a Byzantine variant, the Roman Empire (27 BC - 476 AD), and yes, it’s a spoiler.

Well, now I will have to wait for when they dare to release more than 1 variant per civ.

Although I’m jumping the gun, “it may not even be a variant”. In the Campaign, they used English, French and HRE Landmarks combined. Who knows what the final model will be. Since it was a mix of adventurers and soldiers from various kingdoms, perhaps it has a chimerical architecture? It will be interesting to see.


Cossacks are unit for kievan rus which is ukraine.In history true rus is ukranians,russians we know used muscovite tsardom name.

If this pic true we will get total 8 civs

Hello I hope you are very well. The photo is true because all of us who saw the original post published on Facebook were able to corroborate it on the official page and it looked the same as the image. You can read the comments of the people who saw the image in the link I put above. You can also see it on this page that shows you the history of changes to the website on February 24, greetings.


I’m trying to find a custom game that I played with both of these civs as options 5-6 months ago. The lobby had 16 player slots and had all of the campaign civs as an option. A more interested person could probably find all of these options in the game files by going into the editor, but alas I lack effort.

If I remember correctly the game immediately crashed and anyone who chose a nonstandard civ didnt spawn in. I was really looking forward to modders introducing custom civs too, but I haven’t seen anything like it since.


Looks like I’m not the only one who experienced it.

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Oh no man when i read the full article i realised they are talking about dlc they released and they didnt give us 6 variant civs only 4.Well i hope we get new good civs we cant do anything but to wait.

These civs are acampaign civs, first one (novgorod) appears in the rise of moscow and the other is the duchy of cyprus that appears on sultans ascend.

Just a bug


They told me that Cyprus is going to be a variant of the English (due to its conquest by Richard Lionheart) and Novgorod is obviously a Rus variant (although I thought they were going to include Moscow as a variant)…

For me it will be Spanish and Vikings…the Delhi variant could be Ghurids, although as I read that they were planning to include a civ from South India who could be Cholas or Vijayanagara and obviously the Mongol variant could be Tatars…

Yes, the same now, they must already be clear about the new variants they are going to introduce and what to call them…

I would like UUs from the HRE, but it works for me…

Very out of the timeline…

Of course, of course…

Yes, the most likely thing is that they add new campaign civs to the multiplayer as variants… Danes, Navarre, Poland, Hungary and the TSA ones…

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On wiki:
" For 300 years, Cyprus was ruled jointly by both the Arabs and the Byzantines as a Condominium".

" This period lasted until the year 965, when Niketas Chalkoutzes conquered the island for a resurgent Byzantium."

Since we already have abassyd variant, this seems like Byzantine variant.

Also, the most important clue is that the whole point of variant civ is to reuse unit voice audio. And the Kingdom of Cyprus spoke Greek, so it can only be a Byzantine variant.


Man I wish we would get some new civs this year or variants


Judging by history of last dlc civs if we do get civs it will be at the end of the year but they may be delayed due to release of AoM at that time.