I like ghost lake but additional sheep no need

I mainly play briton TG, 1vs1.

And Ghost lake are good place for briton but…

For balance problem please remove sheep exceed 8 sheep

by doing so we can see more civs

how do you think?

Does concept of Ghost lake need sheep?


certain maps have always been advantageous to one civ or another, this is nothing new.

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Yes. but in TG

Too many britons haha…

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To be fair the devs have tried to fix that on a few maps. Like how they altered alpine lakes and megarandom.

I wouldn’t say sheep have to be so excessive in ghost Lake to keep its theme. Unlike some of the heavy hunt maps where the animals are part of the theme.

Also ironic how its sheep heavy but we get briton spam only… Not tatars :joy::joy:

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There seems to be two things that make this map different than Arabia:

  • Can’t build (or sail) in the center
  • Extra sheep
    I feel like decreasing or removing the sheep would make this map less unique and fun to play.

The wiki page suggests that players should scout battle to obtain the sheep.

If you fight over the sheep, then the Britons won’t have a grossly unfair advantage with their sheep food rate bonus. This is similar to fighting over the relics to prevent the Lithuanians from gaining a large attack rate advantage.

I don’t agree since every map has their unique features

I like having all those sheep on the map because it favors early aggression.

When it was in the 1v1 pool, I also was wondering about that. Tartars is such a good civ on this map. Besides if the game goes late, Tartars is one of the best counters to Britons.