I love coc but devs forced me to soc

I always played France ### landmark when nobody else did, but now with latest patch instead of making it more popular like soc - they made it worse so even i go now school if cav.

I dont understand why, who want 1-3 free traders when you got before 40% resource the entire game. And if you go with that landmark its usually team games that last long so its huge trade of. Lets also not forget water map this landmark is totally worthles now on those. Im so sad.

Please help me make the devs see this comment.


totally agree with you on this!

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What I don`t like about the new chamber of commerce is that now it is totally useless on some map, especially naval maps. Before the chamber of commerce was giving a bonus to trade ships. But now it’s just useless.


So I guess they also should make it worthwhile on water maps. Then again, historically, France is supposed to be the master of the land opposed to other countries like England, so maybe its an intentional nerve to force you to choose other landmarks in different situations.

I’m fine with anything. Hope they’ll fix it for you.

I think ####### #### ### is a totally legit strategy. I’ve seen a lot of pro players do it in team games especially.

During the last PUP, I posted about the Chamber of Commerce changes on these forums and on the Steam forums. I saw several others agree with what OP GriffinKnight93 is saying here, while making their own posts about the chamber of commerce. I could be wrong but I observed that for most of the proposed changes the Dev’s listed before PUP and then the official update we just got, the Dev’s change notes didn’t look much different to me (especially for the French), even though there were so many people talking about their concerns on the forums. I would really like to see more engagement from the Dev’s durring the PUP’s, because it is disheartening to feel like we are given a space to voice our thoughts durring PUP, but that perhaps the Dev’s already have the changes set in stone. I was sad that the chamber of commerce didn’t get a second look or response from the dev’s or a more in-depth explanation as to why they made this decision, other than trade is getting a Nerf by 10% overall. Hoping we’ll get this adjusted in the next PUP update.

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Have you also seen the many, many posts of people complaining that trade is OP in team games?

The Chamber of Commerce change makes it more viable in 1v1s (although only if doing an early trade build), but not ridiculous in team games on large maps.

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The problem is trade overall. The gold generation of a huge #### line that’s thrust in the back of your opponents base is impossible to ignore. Even sending your powerful #### to reach around and attack the rear-end of your opponents #### doesn’t do anything because traders are way too cheap to produce, and you end up trading your army for some traders, which means you lose.

Trading needs a huge nerf, waaaay more than just 10%.

It would be nice if the chamber of commerce could still receive an ongoing trade bonus % rather than finite free land traders. I understand that the Dev’s have to balance for everyone, so the overall Nerf’s to trade for all Civ’s could make sense to me, but I think it came as a double shock to French last update. I’m pretty sure most players were going school of calvary before, but it would be interesting to find out the stats to see if the chamber of commerce is actually getting used more often now, or if it is getting chosen even less.

Not sure about others, but I like having control of when my traders are produced, rather than having to keep track of every time one comes out. The free traders take up pop cap, which at that moment may have been better used for military or villagers depending on the current situation. At times I’ve found I first have to secure the trade route before building traders, so having more pop cap for military rather than a bunch of free traders sitting in my base not doing anything would be nice.

I’m honestly just going school of calvary now, since I can still get a 20% trade bonus for water trade (long term bonus for land and water). chamber of commerce now only gives an early game bonus on land only, so it gives me zero incentive to ever chose it again. would like to hear how players are using chamber of commerce now.

My recommendation is to get rid of free traders and just go back to a trade bonus, perhaps 20% like it is now for water trade (rather than 30% which it used to be).

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I once again restate my agreement with this post! :+1::+1::crossed_swords:

Nerf it if necessary, but other civs get 20%-50% bonuses on trade!

Or you could change it to something like Malians, where you build it but have to do other tricky requirements (like tollbooths or castles) to get the full benefit. But right now it is just…a…market. 100 wood.

The OP is also very on point about water trade. Am I suppose to delete these useless traders if I’m water trading?!

:bulb: Ohhh, which makes me think of an awesome idea if they reconfigure this landmark. Allow it to be half dock so it could be placed adjacent to water or land, like a Coastal Trading Post, which could build both land traders and trade ships!

I noticed the finite resources you get in free traders is I think 1950, equalling the exact same number as the meinwork. So they may be trying for some kind of balance there.

Also, strangely, I think there is an opposing opinion to ours, because I think Beasty was impressed by the change, despite him rarely trading. I think it is like the logic behind the silver tree, where you get cheaper traders faster or something. The benefit is timing! You do get a faster payback immediately in feudal with these free traders, the silver tree, and the new Abbasid free traders.

But the SoC is the “fast/rush/All-in” landmark. If I’m building a market landmark in feudal, I’m obviously going for the long game.

But again, the benefit is finite. How many traders are we even talking about? For the same reason, when Mongol, even as an enthusiastic trader, I have been experimenting building the Deer Stones for faster vills and just paying full price for my traders later.

Please have the landmark do something cooler, preferably my dock idea above!
• 10-20% at least? 5%?
• or faster or tougher traders!! Like the Seagate.
• or they shoot arrows!
The landmark should benefit both land and water trade like it did before.


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Totally awesome idea on the half dock! Would be amazing if the Dev’s implement this in the next update. Like you, I just want the chamber of commerce to be exciting to use, and more versatile, especially on mega-random maps where you don’t know if there will be water or not.

Note to Dev’s:

Please listen to the players like GriffinKnight93 and JohnDresty who actually use certain landmarks like the chamber of commerce on a regular basis. Seems like there are some players who just want to rush rush rush and that’s okay, but this is Age of Empires, and some of us want to actually do Empire Building. Please make room for those of us who like the long game, and a good ROI for our trade efforts, as not everything has to be instant and geared towards rush-only playstyles.