I love how they introduce new bugs and crashes into the game, before solving previous ones

i dont want to be pesimist or bad, but why dont fix bugs before introducing crashes?

bugs i would like devs finally solve:
hero doesnt obey to build trading post


bugs i would like devs finally solve:
Why do you use plural where you have one issue?
Why do you write ‘introduce’ like they’ve planned to create issues? And what bugs exactly did they ‘introduce’?

If you keep encountering a bug, fill a report in the appropriate forum section:

Unless you just want to complain for the sake of it.

I’ve never seen that bug, closest to it were instances of faulty terrain generation where a trading post couldn’t be built at all in a designated spot, but never anything related just to the hero explorer unit.


Yeah man, why they don’t just use the “Bug solve” button that we know all games have?


youve not found the bug? do you even play the game?
i was going to name all bugs, but its pointless
keep enconteuring bugs and fill a report? i play 3 games after this patch and 3 games crashed, i dont have time to fill a report each time it crashes, league of legends have automatic send bug report when it crashes
they already know that bug, why am i reporting it again?

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They are aware of most of the bugs now, you can see people have reported plenty in the relevant section and the devs have responded that they’ve fixed them for a hotfix.

The worst bug is the ransom explorer out of sync, perhaps just tell your opponents not to use ransom and make them aware of the bug until the hotfix is released.