I LOVE the campaings ... pls do more :,)

I dont mind paying 20 bucks DLC with this level of quality.

Wow,it’s a lot of stuff…possibly they will be added in the successive patches in the future…

Yes,the campaigns cover historical events in their entirety,rather than simply focusing on specific historical characters…and yes,it would be interesting if they remade campaigns of aoe 2 in aoe 4…I for example redo the campaigns of aoe 4 in aoe 2…

It is most likely that they will continue with this style of narrating campaigns with live action documentaries in between…

I totally agree. Im enjoying every minute of the campaigns. :sunglasses:

I finished the first campaign and did most of the Mongol one.

I really enjoyed them over all, I’m just stuck on one of the Mongol levels where you have to defend 3 points at the same time and I really dislike “defend for X minutes/waves” style levels so I find it tedious. (any tips for getting through it more easily, but without outright cheating, are appreciated).

Definitely looking forward to more campaigns in the future, and to finishing the ones I haven’t done yet.

Please give us more live-action documentary.It’s so coooool :yum:


just let them add scenario editor… btw i hope scenario editor is easier like aoe 2 not like AOE 3

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same here! Love the campaigns to death. I expected to have more campaigns tbh, they can be so imaginative… (I like multiplayer too, against CPU or real people but usually the matches are quite different)

That being said, what I miss is:

  • some imaginative parts of the previous campaigns, like Ornlu the Wolf (sure unrealistic but not every single campaign can be exclusively story based) on my fav campaign from AoE2, mongols. That and the China scenario, gosh!

  • something like the best ever campaign I ever played. It was on AoE1. You started with a monk, had to convert a couple of units, then it was a island with a catapult, you used a ship to transport it, then more discoveries along the way on which tactic would be best to use. Everything was soooo calculated, sooooo tight, a little miss could make the difference whether to win the scenario or fail. It took hours to complete but it was the most epic thing I’ve played in a RTS 'cos you were surviving every single second, til the final fight

It would be pretty amazing if the future modding features allowed scenario building folks the capability to add live action videos to their scenarios. It would be awesome if really creative modders used 4k video cameras and drones to film historic locations themselves and edit their videos into their scenarios to tell a story. AoE2 has some spectacular community made scenarios just as good as the official campaigns. I can imagine if it were possible to include videos, it would need to be moderated to some degree before being published to the mod search list.