I made a small tool to find units and their counters

Hi everyone
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Inspired by my wife, which very often asks me “What should I recruit vs. this?” I made a small tool that I can use on my mobile or on my second laptop to quickly find what kills what and what’s weak against what.

I am just learning programming so it’s in no way a high-level tool but it works for me and it could be really handy to beginners that yet don’t know the X vs Y theory. The idea here is that, when in a game, you don’t always have time to go to the Tech tree, find the civilisation that attacks you and then scroll to the Castle building to see what counters it. But if you have your mobile with you and have this small website opened, you can quickly type in the name and get your answers. Please find the address here: https://www.aoe2counters.com

It looks poor and void because I tried my best to keep everything minimal in terms of performance. All data has been taken from here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1soRgF7CB6cZm2AtpxvDhxse0ztQM1Jzjt5aEx9bJ7aw/edit#gid=934980299

Please let me know if anything needs to be added or modified.

tldr: https://www.aoe2counters.com


Monks, villager and the new unique units from the Last Khan and Rajas civs are still missing. Great tool otherwise.

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Can be very usefull, not always you remember everything.
I think good idea can be add:
“Partialy Weak” - for example, Kamayuk vs Champion or Cataphracts vs Halbs.
BTW, Catas are not weak vs Kamayuks. Or Camels. Or Pikes.


Wives and girlfriends do make us do the most complex things, don’t they?


@Szaladon thank you very much, I didn’t know I’m missing units. I found a spreadsheet on reddit but not for one second I thought it might be outdated. I will start working on an update and add all missing units. Now that you’re saying I actually noticed there’s not enough elephants in that spreadsheet as there are in the game.

@Bzhydack thank you, I will keep this in mind. Very good idea with "Partially weak: ". However, not sure how could I find this info for all units. I’ll check about Cataphracts as well.

@JonOli12 they genuinely do. In the words of the immortal Josh Groban, “they raise us up”.


The AoE Wiki can be good tool for this.
For Example, Hand Canoneer vs Huscarl or Condotiero is more like Partialy Weak, because those units has their own bonus vs HC and are resistant to shots in some degree, but huge dmg of HC and fact they are Meele mean, they can be counter by HC in many cases.
Thtowing Axeman vs HC also is good example, because is doing better than other infantry, because is ranged.
Konnik will be the most extreme example of this - literaly partialy weak vs some units because some will have bonus vs only mounted or dismounted Konnik.
Elephantos also will be good example - Camels have bonus vs them, but because of trample damage they can counter Elels or not, what depends on formations and density of fight.

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Huskarl takes full damage from HC, as far as I know.

I don’t know if you want to mention them separately but Magyar Huszar and the Camel Archer are missing too.

No. Unless you mean “full bonus damage”. They Take equivalent of full basic damage from HC. But this is because they have 10PA, so they take only 7 dmg + 10 dmg of bonus dmg. So overall they take normal 17, but this is almost the smallest amount what infantry can take. Tied with Inca Eagles, second only to Condo.
Condotiero take 13 dmg from HC, all normal damage, because has 4PA (FU) and 10 InfArmour.

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Nice job!! Maybe you could make some categories, For example:
Strong 1v1 always: against champion
Strong 1v1 with micro: (for example Cavalry Archer against camel)
Also, i suggest the possibility of select your current civ (for custom suggestions to counter). This is veeeeery complex but if u add the possibility of players contributions could be very easy to make.

Finally, could be nice having this in multiple languages, i offer my help to translation to spanish.

The site itself is fine but the spreadsheet data is pretty misleading itself as @Bzhydack pointed out. Catas aren’t weak to Kamayuk, camels and FU they destroy halbs. Mangudai also slaughter halbs unless they’re supported with something else, same with Berserks (who rely on rams to deal with ranged units but Mangudai counter rams too).

This app also has a performance segment for each unit (although it can be confusing at times)

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Thank you very much for this. Looks like a well put together database that I can use. Definitely better put together than the one I have.

Thank you very much for the input @SzYpD. The problem with the 1vs1, Micro vs mass and generally adding categories is that it might make it harder for the end user to retrieve the data on their mobile device. For example you type in “Champion” and it gives you a whole “novel”, if you get me.

Could you please expand on the “custom suggestions to counter”? As in, I select “Huns” and I receive suggestions what I can counter as the Hun or what counters me?

@Szaladon I have updated the database with all missing units.

I mean for example, I’m using Goths and i’m against Ethiopes.
I select in the web i’m using goths and i select i’m looking counter for Archers, should be nice instead telling me all the unique units only tell me Huskarl.
It is hard to me explain because i dont have good english lvl.

Nice! Bookmarked, can come in handy during games.