I made a tool to explore all AoE4 units, buildings and their stats in detail

Hi all!

Inspired by the AOE4 Quicksheet I created a tool to explore all civs, units, technologies and how specific upgrades affect them. You can i.e. see the total ranged attack after specific research and upgrades.

The data is up to date with patch 11009. Big shoutout to u/MugenNoSora- for providing the big sheet as a source, and to u/reneklacan for hosting it on AoE4world.com

Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback, thanks!

If you’re a developer: All the data used in available in json on https://github.com/aoe4world/data and you can contribute to this project on https://github.com/aoe4world/explorer


This is very well done. Thanks for all the effort.

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The hero we needed. <3

This is too cool :heart_on_fire:, very well done

this is amazing work. thank you. more people should know about it.

Wow, this is really well made! Impressive. Bookmarked :smiley:

I started creating something similar for AoEIII, but didn’t get far before I lost motivation.

As a suggestion, one of the ideas I wanted to implement was an “unit simulator” for lack of a better name for it.
The ability to do a type of side by side compare of for example Delhi Sultanate’s Pikemen vs HRE’s Pikemen, and the ability to add and remove upgrades to each unit. The point of it being to better spot which unit each faction is stronger or weaker with.

As it is now, you can sort of do that in your tool as it is by opening a seperate tab for each unit :slight_smile:

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this is awesome great work

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Sooner or later, we will definitely be adding a simulator :wink:

But in the meanwhile check out a bit outdated Aoe4 Combat Simulator by TurnSpender