I made flashcards for civilization bonuses

I had too much time in my hands, so I made a flashcards for learning civilization bonuses:


I used bonuses listed on the AoE Wiki, so some bonuses might have different numbers than they have in the game (such as Malay).

Heads up though, I initially copied the bonuses from outdated civilization page (Link) which still shows things like Slav getting supplies and missing Khmer farming update. I tried to double check and correct the wrong ones, but I’m not sure did I manage to catch all of the wrong bonuses.

I also decided not to use leaked patch notes, because they are not in the game yet, but I might update the cards after the next update rolls out. Also, if you have any ideas or feedback, then please tell me :slight_smile:



Wow, playing this game competitively is harder than school. You get A+ grade if you beat Viper. But you are not allowed to use flashcards during the game (cheating!) :nerd_face:


Well, if you’re an armchair pro like myself, you might already have them all memorized. The hilarious thing is that pros like Viper and Hera sometimes don’t know or remember some basic things about certain civs, but they can always be relied on to dominate regardless.