I must be very noob player but

I was yesterday playing AOE II DE campaign.

And I started beginning of being very annoyed of how long the games are. The objectives went like this:

  • First you need to capture a villager from your enemy.
  • Then you need to build your own town center and start collecting resources
  • Now you need to attack your enemy who has been this whole time sending small groups to you.

Those took me about 1 hour to finish.

Ok, I did it and then I was teleported to the other side of the map where I had to start that all again.

  • This time I was having an enemy on an island with a feitoria that had to be destroyed.
  • And I had the other enemy in the same island that also had lots and lots of resources and their “wonder” had to be destroyed.

So it took me around 4 hours to finish this game with the enemy on the same island and slowly I started being more and more annoyed of the job. That before very foresty landscape was like an eastern island without not many trees, because the villagers removed them all. And no gold and no nothing until I finished the campaign.

I made lots and lost of units which was wiped out and then I started making castles and then castle units. They destroyed at least 2 big groups from me before I was able to finish them.

When I finally was able to destroy the wonder, I still had that feitoria island… So I build lots of harbors and made around 100 ships to destroy their harbors and then transported all of my left over units to the ships and to the island. And they were wiped out at the shores of that island… So I made more war ships and started just shooting them with arrows.

And I destroyed the feitoria with those ships. Most of my ships was destroyed by the towers of that island but anyways I finally got the mission and I was very much bored of all that time waste.

So I hope in AEO 4 you can finish all the missions in like max 60 minutes or less…

which mission. i would like to play it aswell. i like those long games…

4 hours?generally a campaign mission takes 1-2 hours.

edit: I found the mission. It’s this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-HUHSmK5K0

from Viper it took 1 hour to finish but I guess he is very pro.

Yeah, aoe2 campaigns can be extremely boring:
Joan of Arc mission 4: cross the map, get a city with 4 vils, beat 3 enemies light years ahead of you;
Genghis Kahn 2: steal vils and a city, age up from dark age and kill a dude, while fighting 2 advanced enemies;
Barbarrosa 1: start with 1 city, beat everything else -5,6 enemies?

Aoe2 campaigns aren’t hard. They are fckng boring, absurdly long and have artifical difficulty. Start with nothing, build the base for half an hour, defeat an overdeveloped enemy who simply watched you build while doing nothing to stop.

Couldn’t the devs make for a more “balanced” campaign? you start close to the enemy eco wise, if not a bit behind. No need to spend half an hour catching up while fighting meaningless skirmishers. 30 minutes max and you are finished. AoE3 campaigns are like that, and i found then really good.

I know. It was awful. I don’t have shortcuts or anything like that what pro players are using. It’s been years when I last time played AEO

For me the campaigns are somehow interesting, but takes too much time to be finished (from me). I don’t feel like that I would have time to spend hours on some game grinding virtual resources.

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u are right.they are too long sometimes…but aoe3/aom campaigns takes fewer time.probably they make shorter campaigns in aoe4

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