I need that barracks and other units can be assigned to two different group (hotkeys)

i want to add for example 1 blocao to ctrl 3 and other to ctrl 4 and other to control 5 , this is posible already.
But also i need that besides that i could create a ctrl 6 that the 3 blocaos are selected at the same time, without removing the ctrl 3 ctrl 4 and ctrl 5
thanks in advance, this would make it easier to create units for me.

Why would you want that?

because if i select 3 blocaos and i want to create 5 musketeers and i only have enough sources to create 5 - 5 and 0 on the last blocao. And then 20 sec later i have sources to create another 5 musketers and i select the 3 blocaos and i click on create musketeers those musketeers are added to the first blocao instead of beign queed onthe 3rd that has nothing queed.
So if i could select blocaos indepednently with my hotkeys and also all together at the same time with another hotkey, i could create 5 - 5- 0 muskeeters and in 20 secs i could use the hokey to select the 3rd blocao and quee the 5 that was lacking on that empty blocao, instead of the first one that is already creating musketers (because the computer assign those musketers to the blocao that is busy creating units instead of the blocao that is not). And with all these hotkeys i could create units while i see the battle and not having to click on building and then create.
Also because it could be useful to move army in a better way, i could select a group of 5 musketerrs, 5 cossacks, 1 cannon, add on a hotkey with ctrl 5 to move the whole group, but if i could move the cannon independetly if i able to put it on two groups at the same time (as requested), i could jsut press buttton 6 (created group with ctrl + 6) just to select the cannon, instead of clicking on the cannons, which takes more precision and more time.
i could move everything as a whole and independently quicker and with unnecesary clicks

so i could create 15 musketers instantly
but if i need only 5 i could us ehotkey to select only 1 blocao instead of all 3 and create only 5.
all this without even seeing the blocaos
also blocaos are in different position, using hotkey i could create group of 3 blocaos but if one blocao is nearest the enemy i want that that blocao be on another hotkey (assigned to to groups) as a single one. So muskeeters are created on the nearest blocao but also is avaible to create if i need 15 musketers instanly (using the hotkey that includes this blocao and the other 2)
i cant do it without hotkeys but its much faster to use press a button