I never get people in quick match

Everything i try to play multi-player, search for quick match yields no results. Does anyone else have this issue?

I usually have to wait a minute for a quick match

I just waited hr 45 min and gave up and play against ai… it does this everytime

That’s weird maybe servers are down in your area are you on Xbox game pass or steam?
If you want to add me And play my username is Wilsonac2 I’m on game pass. $1 for three months

It could be that you need to update your game. If you’re running an old version you can only be matched with people on that version. Ensure you’re on the latest update.


Something’s definitely wrong then. Perhaps re-install.

Here is whats happening:

You didn’t update your game. The older versions still work but you won’t be queued with someone having different game version. Most people have updated their game and that’s why you don’t find anyone in that version.

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This is most likely the case, I just assumed 2022, games would update or prompt me to update. But I found it in the Microsoft store and trying that now. I’ll update if it doesn’t worn.

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