I own CD Key of Age of Empires 3 of a game i bought, can i use the key to download an offline installer

Interms of physical disc. There is a CD key, problem is it lacks disc 1.
I am just wondering if there is a way to use CD Key to download the game installer, or have a offline installer and use the CD Key i own for it.

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

But in any case I would recommend to get the remastered game instead:

Thats too bad. I guess i just am mostly fan of GOG.com or places you have physical ownership of the game. But i appreciate the response

I’m not sure ‘physical’ is the right word, but I get your point.
These days it’s impossible to do anything with CDkey from the original release of AoE III. I remember I wrote to MS support about possibility of getting a key for the 2007 Steam release, even sent them pictures of the unique collectors’ edition I own, but they couldn’t do anything.

Its kind of why GOG.com is such a great website. Because it feels like, even if the service where to end, you still own the installation file “Also why i have lots of those saved on external harddrive”. While if Steam services where to shut down, its game over, you cant download or install them anymore. Thats my main problem with DRM games in a sense. Where as DRM free games feels like you own it literally

I think that’s a valid concern for other platforms/services, but is there a real chance Steam would go down?
It just seems unthinkable, so I feel safe buying stuff there.

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I also love that Exe files or executable files is more independent from one software. But i do use Steam. So it isnt a problem. Though i rely mostly on GOG. For example, there is the thing with Blizzard who made Warcraft 3 Reforged, and i didnt like how the menys looked. But thankfully since i own original copy of Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne and in the manuals i have original CD keys. So all i had to do was find offline installers from Blizzard online, copy it to external harddrive and have my CD key be saved in textfile. And then i had the superior game. Its one of reasons why physical ownership is great too. Its also the feeling of having the game rather than a license to use it aslong as the software is up.

And i guess i just love using “Exe” file to launch it, rather than going into Steam. But Steam has its uses on its own. One good thing is there is a team on Steam who makes sure that the game can also be run on Linux, which is good idea

So if i were a company manager (just for sake of argument) I would put my game on steam for 2 years or something and then on GOG. But just sounds like a interesting idea and all that!

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