I pick color Teal in quick match - but I'm ending up blue

My color in the statistics screen and menu is indeed Teal, but inside the game itself and replay I see blue, anyway to fix that?

Change your settings to unique colours. (In game settings)

why I need to touch settings if I specifically choose a color ?
It’s like I’ll need a settings to pick Mongols, so weird.

You can just thank me instead of complaining. So weird.

Thanking you,
Complaining about a poor decision to make a basic feature usable through a “feature toggle”

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one click and forever unique, is it hard? is it bad design?
or do you want to play blue vs red + yellow as teammates if you forgot to choose random?

  • you can change team color RUGHT IN HTE ■■■■■■■ GAME ON FLY

but others who want to change from unique to team colors can do it if they got game: pink vs orange, or teal vs blue.

Ofc It’s a poor design, talking as a developer myself…
If you are exposing colors “Teal Pink Yellow etc…” through the UI lobby itself, and allowing players specifically pick these colors before match, and in-game they suddenly see only blue and red, even when in menu they still see the yellow and pink they picked, they will think there is a bug in the game, no one will “assume” it’s actually a “feature toggle” because it’s open in the UI for them to pick.

So the only way to go about it is mark the rest of the colors as unpickable, or just make the default value Unique rather than red & blue, why on earth would you choose the default to be only red and blue, colors are good for the game!

I recognize developer, doing right as task says without analyzing.


You need an option to change color in the game ON FLY.

  • color blind: teal vs blue, so you need to change it AFTER the game started.
  • team games - you want to change it during the game…
    yes… not only 1v1 folks playing the game… TG also should be considered.

there is no scenario, where your “idea” would even work.

What if i just forgot to pick color? but it’s fine if OTHERS pick theirs?

Also I believe unique colors goes on default, so in the end, it’s you who changed it and forgot.

about too many devs

webix is not developers