I quit DE

I am finally done with this game. I have become one of the players that never says glhf and hates my opponents. I am literally angry as soon as the game starts and furious by the end of the match. No wonder DE needs a filter. Everyone is pissed off playing this new way. Especially if I lose to someone who picked a civ. I wont be playing again until map picking and random civ are back not random map and picking civ. If we wanted to play any other way when the option to pick civ and use random map was available for the past 20 years we would have done it by now. Why do they think that we always just picked a map and went random civ unless we agreed we were going to play a mirror civ like Hun wars? Bring back chatting in the lobby bring back the 5 second counter and bring back seeing what your opponent picked or at least show that they are picking and not going random. Bye for now. I will be deleting this game and going back to HD to play aoe if I feel like it and I will be telling everyone on HD to not buy DE.


Yeah i left back at february, too. Please, don’t force yourself in this game anymore, not even HD or voobly. The decade old bugs are still there, so the hate will keep flowing. The official support for these games is basically dead, so…

Better quit soon, so when you return after a few years to find AoE fixed by fan made patchs, you still have some nostalgia remaining. I think i don’t even have the nostalgia left…

Try some 4x strategy games, maybe Total War, if strategy games are the only thing that satisfies you. Steam will give TW Shogun 2 for free between April 27 and May 1, you should give it a go.

Leave the game behind and move on. It’s like a toxic relationship, ya know? First the rantings, then the domestic violence. She gets the kids and you commit suic
ok you get the idea.


Thats pretty rude. You see even when I had a 1080p monitor and I tried out voobly it took me an hour to get the game to look decent on my screen and even then it was way too zoomed in and it looked like crap compared to HD. I have gotten used to seeing more of the screen and being zoomed out, I played DE with 100% zoom. Now that I got a 1440p monitor I dont even want to try to put up with making voobly work. So what If i want to play on HD instead of bothering with it? I will just play 2k players on HD instead of playing 1700 on HD its not a big difference. My internet speed is 600Mbps I really dont give a ■■■■ about how laggy a game can be with 3rd world internet speeds. Also I have a Gtx 1070ti and a i7 8700k i got like 200 other games I can play other than this 20 year old game so why would I bother tying to make voobly work just to please a condescending person?

Haha, I honestly should do that. I have way better games I can play instead. I got a PC built thats way too OP for this game anyway. But I dont know for now going back to HD and playing a couple of games felt amazing. I was finally calm. I enjoyed it a lot. Plus I never noticed how big of a difference the speed of DE makes but HD felt like I was playing on slow mode. Slow and relaxing. I will probably play a game or two once or twice a week. But honestly after sinking in thousands of hours I think you are right. It is time to move on.


How do you arrive at this conclusion? There have been several patches and updates; a few of them pretty sizeable. Here’s a partial list, in reverse-chronological order. The most recent one was less than 3 weeks ago. Pretty sizeable laundry list of things being addressed in some of these. There might be a pandemic going on, too…

But if official support ended, please point us to the news stories and official blog posts. Looks like support has been pretty active based on the above…


My point went way over your head. I meant official support for HD and Voobly. I said this to dissuade SorryHaah from returning as these won’t be updated anymore.
Probably a miscommunication, or a typo from my part, made you think i was speaking about the Definitive Edition.

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I do give them credit for continuing to release monthly updates and listening to feedback from players and pros but I cant praise them either. There is this new trend from game developers to release broken games and call them beta or early access and to fix them later with updates. Its just how they are selling us unfinished games and using this as an excuse for the game to be broken and full of bugs and still get money for it. And then you get tragedies like Star-Citizen. Released 5 years ago. Its still somehow “not cOmMeRcIaLly released” even though the game is $45 USD to play online and an extra $15 USD if you want the single player story. And nothing is stopping you from paying another $45 to buy another ship in the game. So basically its at least $60 USD for the game that is nOt EvEn oUt yEt. DE is obviously not that bad but the thing that pisses me off with DE is that they had a perfect game as a template. All they needed to do was update the graphics and move the game on a better engine so it runs smoothly on our modern computers. And not change anything else! The game during its release was the most unstable game I had ever seen. Then the new civs like cumans and the civ bonus updates were completely broken and still broken, like whose genius idea was it to give Persians free crossbows? There was a huge amount of annoying bugs like units walking through walls melee units bumping and not attacking the units you wanted. All this with the fact that they fundamentally changed how we play the game by making maps random and civs picked in secret. It has been a source of stress and frustration for me ever since I bought the game. Not to mention how match making can’t even make a proper 4v4 when it still takes less than 10 mins to find one in HD. And this whole ladder thing making people so competitive instead of just having fun with the game. Its all been a terrible experience. I went back to HD and played a few games. It was so relaxing I missed the old game so much. Even the fact that they made the new normal game speed faster has been stressful and I hadn’t even noticed it until I went back and played a game on normal speed and realized how much slower and relaxing it all felt. I am not coming back to DE until they at least put random civ 1v1 as a competitive game mode and let you pick a map.


For HD, sure, development support is dead and done. But not for Voobly. Both for the platform itself and for WololoKingdoms, development is still going on and updates are coming. There is no end of support in sight.


Even though support has ended for HD it’s still miles better than DE is (unpopular opinion I know, quick flag this comment!). I never had crashes and only the occasional lag and desyncs. Despite the flaws it has at least it works pretty decent. Same goes for Voobly. With DE each update/patch brings so many issues and problems, which are barely being addressed, and bugs that have been in the game since beta have still not been fixed. With this in mind, take a look at the activity of the developers during the beta period and now, and you can only come to the conclusion that DE is on life support. Exact same thing happened with AoE1 DE! Indeed, quit DE for now, it is not worth your time and frustration, and hope that someone with skills will mod and transform it into what we all desperately want.


The ranked matchmaking is amazing and DE is infinitely better than HD and it’s even better than Voobly at this point.


I’ve noticed quite a few rant threads from you for the past while, it might be a good plan to take an indefinite break, and IIRC you suggested that you might several weeks back, but didn’t. There’s no point in my arguing in favor of DE when there seems to be so much about it that bothers you.

I can’t imagine any game bringing me much stress or frustration. I’m a simple man; if I dig it, I play it. If not, I don’t. If it’s not matching your expectations, then perhaps it’s not for you. So if this game isn’t a net positive from an entertainment perspective, the only sensible thing to do is walk away; perhaps check back every few months to see if the new changes are to your liking.


I admit HD still has pro’s to it: Atleast you can still play Front Towers there unlike here. :<

Hmm, yeah, everything about your post seemed to be talking about DE. Even when I re-read it, I’m not sure how to take DE out of the equation or away from the focus :slight_smile: So, you were trying to convince SorryHurrah to return to DE and dissuade them from going back to HD and Voobly?

^-- Only asking because here, you seem to be talking about all three games. So, you’re saying you left HD and Voobly back in February, not DE?

"Don’t force yourself on this game anymore, not even HD or voobly." Since you separately called out HD and Voobly, I was led to believe you were talking about DE.

Oh well, it is what it is. Sorry if I was mistaken!

Oh, I didn’t realize this. That’s weird. I’ll check it out. I probably wouldn’t be a huge fan of this, but since AoE2:DE games are sometimes lasting longer for me due to better AI and ability to “104” them so they don’t bail at the first sign of trouble, I might be okay with this. What I have noticed, though, is that wood seems to take longer to gather. But this is okay for me; I think I like it. Resource accumulation was maybe a little too fast in HD. Going back to game speed, they should make another speed setting called, “Original,” if it was sped up for DE.

Understandable, on all your notes. Hopefully it can someday bring what you look for. And maybe once AoE4 comes out, you won’t care about little 'ole DE anyways :smiley: (sad, but smiley)

The fact that you have written tons of posts on this forum complaining about the game. It means you are taking the game a little too serious. I respect that you and everyone has his own way of enjoying the game. I only enjoy Arabia maps and so you like to play random civs right? That’s good friend but why would you care if they pick their civ?

Are you struggling against particular civs and scenarios which halt fun for you? In that case you should be trying to improve them and positively put this forums into use.

Even if your opponent picks random civ isn’t there a chance he gets a better civ than yours or simply one of the civs he excels at?

In my opinion random civ is not a balance criterion. In case you have not noticed the skill level have jumped significantly. Everyone knows how to play now thanks to guides and videos.

I say install back the game and focus on having fun more than worrying about your opponent civ pick. I agree It would be nice to have chat back and i’m sure they will.

Don’t turn away from a game you genuinely enjoy and please pick your civ and play any style you want or troll people anything because no one is taking you to the examination hall to test your civ knowledge or judge you if you pick huns 100 times in the row.


The majority of your complaints here on the forums narrow down to either you wanting the game to be something that it isn’t and never proposed itself to be, or wanting that the other players act in a way that will always please you the most. There’s even some posts asking for introducing exploits on the game.

I honestly feel like you’re in such a wrong mindset about how you can enjoy the game. You actively make moves that sabotage yourself at the ranked queue, and when you (unsurprisingly) fail, you call others guilty for that and rant a bit on the forums about it. There is no one who can expect deliberately playing in a goofy way against tryhards and being succesful on the overall, unless you’re such a skillful player that no matter how many arbitrary challenges you put to yourself you can still have the confidence and capacity of constantly winning games.

If your pleasure can’t come from the goofyness alone you will inevitably end at a constant self-harm. I can only imagine how frustrated you may be about that, and I really wish you wasn’t feeling it, but this generally don’t come from game flaws, it’s your high expectations about the game and the players that simply don’t match the reality — and to be fair you can’t demand anyone to match it.

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As you know very well, i usually write as the last thing i do before sleeping, or the first thing i do when i wake up - so, i apologize for my very unarticulated post. To clear things up, i recommended SorryHaah to leave all AoE2 releases before he goes crazy on the game (which i think already happened).

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100% agree.

How is it amazing? Have you ever tried a team game? There are plenty of posts about how broken the match making is. I have even seen examples of the game matching 1800 elo players against 1000 elo players. Seriously how hard is it make a match making that puts players of similiar elos together and divides the high elo players up evenly among two teams?

Its just that I have been playing aoe 2 as my main game for the past 4 years and its really hard to put it down. But I am happy that i stopped playing DE for now.

Yeah the game speed difference is not a lot but it is very noticeable for me at least.

Yes, I am taking it too serious thats why its time to quit. And no I am not struggling towards just any certain civs. I am struggling against the top tier civs which everyone after a certain elo level knows who they and deliberately picks them because you are allowed to secretly pick a civ now. This is literally the opposite of the way we used to play the game. It used to be random civ and picked maps now its random maps and picked civs. Its really frustrating because the game I fell in love with was the random civs. The interesting match ups and making strategies in dark age because you jumped into a game without knowing what to expect. Now everyone is just starting a game already knowing the best civs for every map and the meta plays and there is no strategical thinking left anymore. Its just all an execution of the meta and who does it better or you pick a random civ and become easy game for these try hards.

The game proposed to be age of empires 2 with better graphics. Thats what I bought. I didn’t buy age of empires 2 with different rules. So that statement is fundamentally wrong.

People like you are the exact reason why I am quitting DE and going back to HD. This mindset that you guys have that going random civ is goofy and deliberately sabotaging my game play is the problem. It makes me wonder if you have ever even played the original game online. You see DE changed the fundamental way we played the game by making it similar to tournament play. We used to pick maps and go random civs. Now maps are random and civs are picked. This changes the game from being more about strategical thinking to being more about strategy execution. You see back in the good old days of random civs you had no idea what civ you or your opponent would end up with and you would have to actually think about a strategy in the dark age. Now you already know that you and your opponent are most likely going to play one of the 2 or 3 top meta civs and you already know how to respond to each one in the meta way and if he doesn’t go one of the 2 or 3 meta civs then you will already have an advantage over them. This sort of advantage came 1 in 30 games when you went random. Now its every game. Aren’t you people sick of playing the same 2 or 3 civs for every map over and over again? You do know that in DE there is like 35 or 36 civs and pretty much 30 of them don’t get played? If you think its goofy to have to actually use your brain to come up with a strat instead of executing a meta that you learned off the best players in the world then thats your problem.


It’s curious, because a quick scroll through aoe2.net ranked matches list shows up that this is not true. You will see all sorts of civs being played at any time, really. I even bet that if we get to see your match record this will be proven true about the civs picked by your oponents.

And what you would see on previous iterations of the game with picking civs RMs is stuff like the 60%+ picking rate for franks on arabia. The reality is that there were never a time where so much civs were viable in so much maps/situations like it’s happening on AoE2DE right now.

But about one don’t liking playing on a map pool for ranked I can’t argue about. It is really a taste thing, I don’t see as a issue. If you feel that it is not for you, then it may really be not for you.


So first you said that going random is goofy and sabotaging game play. Now you are saying that all sorts of civs are being played? I dont understand you, if such variety exists in all levels of game play what was so “goofy” about going random? Also what level are these players that you are looking at? When I scroll through aoe2.net it seems like the majority of games are around 1000 elo. Which is not the level at which your civ picks matter. At that level the person whose TC is idle the least will probably win. You don’t actually start seeing a difference in civ choices until around 1300-1400 elo which is where i am at. And especially if you go an watch the live streams of pros lately. Players like Mbl and Hera continuously pick nothing but the best meta civs. Even Viper started picking meta civs. He used to always go random and produce amazing content for youtube now its all boring standard games.

Well as for the previous version of this game we only played random civ. The only level where players picked their civs were below 1600 on HD. I haven’t played a RM game (which is basically picking a map with random map generation not actually random map like we have now) where playeers picked civs since the first months of starting to play aoe four years ago.

I don’t even understand what’s the logic you’re using to go through my arguments. How does this is even a contradiction? And on top of that, those were two points to two distinct issues you brought.

Yes, playing random civ is goofy (again, if you’re not confident and skilled enough) on a ranked enviroment where the arbitrariness of going random is not the rule. If you put yourself to the possibility of playing, let’s say, Aztecs on a water map, knowing that the opponent will pick a better fitting civ for the water map, you aren’t doing anything more than a foolery. And this is fine, as I said before, if you can enjoy the silliness of it. The autosabotage comes from genuinely thinking that doing that is viable, and then being frustrated with others for making bad decisions yourself.

And the fact about several civs being used on ranked matches is a answer to your allegation that only about 5 civilizations are being played.

It remains goofy because when going random you’re giving up player affinity with civilization and civilization affinity with the sorted map, that on a enviroment where the opponent will most likely not do the same, as you already know.

Yeah, it’s generally on the range of 800~1100 ELO, but that’s just because that range is where the majority of the playerbase is. But even on higher ELO the variety is not as near as narrow as you imply. Browsing on the fly through aoe2.net, on a non-peak time in a day with server issues, I could easily spot at least different 10 civs being played per map, across 6 maps, on samples of 7 matches for each map and filtered by only 1200+ elo players. The whole sampling contains a variety of 28 civilizations across all 6 maps.

Check it out



Four Lakes


Golden Swamp


I don’t know if pro players are adequate on the subject of that discussion, and about those I can’t really discuss, because I don’t watch them regularly. Although a quick browse through Viper and Hera latest ranked match videos on youtube I feel like there’s gameplays of plenty different civs, but I won’t call that a point. But if those top players are competing for the best rankings on the ladder it only makes sense to me that they would take advantage of the finest array of tools. If you as viewer feels that they content is turning boring, why not give them your critic insigths? As long as it is constructive.

And here’s what I said about having expectations that don’t match reality. The matchmaking ranked system is a totally new feature implemented on DE. It was never seem before on any other version of AoE2. It was there since day 1, and it is there to stay. You can’t pretend that it is about the setting and ruleset you like the most and with the player mentality you like the most to play with, when in reality it has a different approach of the one you was used to, because it is a whole new and different thing. If you don’t like it for what it is, that’s fine. Go play another stuff that you actually enjoy. But trying to act like it is the thing that you want it to be when it is not and blame others for your frustration, that’s nonsense.


Oh yeah, HerianB, I remember! And I did read your long clarification post regarding distant berries :slight_smile: Quite the explanation. I still like randomness in my AoE maps :wink: