I really hope units speak consistent languages

In the last two games the English units spoke archaic forms of English, while all the other civilizations spoke modern forms of their language. I really hope they either stick to modern languages for all the Civs or make an effort to use historical forms of the languages for all the Civs. Otherwise there’s no point in having the English units speaking in pre-modern forms of English other than to make them sound foreign to the native English speaking audience of the game, while players from the countries of the other Civs would get to hear their real life language instead.


I guess it would be cool for everyone to hear their archic mother tongue in the game and thus keep consistency.

They said the units are going to be more responsive. I hope that doesn’t mean they are all speaking modern localised language so they can be understood.

AoE3 has most civilisations talk modern language besides the British, AoE2 sounds a bit older but it’s far from accurate. Huns didn’t speak Mongolian and Byzantines definitely not Latin.
But you can already see in AoE2 that they put more effort into the Brits. Their Monks for example speak Latin. They didn’t do the same for Teutones of Franks.

We don’t have any native speakers for those languages plus we often don’t know exactly how they sounded like, so it’s not easy.

For some civilisations like the Huns or Avares we have no idea what they spoke.

Imagine having to make a Bronze Age game like that.

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Doubt that means anything other than how well they can be micromanaged.

They definitely can get speakers for most of them, we actually know a lot about pre-modern forms of languages, including most European languages, Medieval Chinese across the dynasties, and we even know how Old Norse and Medieval Latin sounded like. They just need to hire linguists for those languages.