I really wish these were added to AoM

I believe it was AoE 2 that had Regicide as a play mode. You just have to kill the enemy king, and that’s it.

There is a map for that in AoM, but I wish it were a mode instead as I like to change it up with the maps. Conquest is the most similar option. I did however find a weird issue with the one Regicide “mode”:

When I was playing it, I deliberately wiped out all of one of the enemy’s buildings and NPCs minus their “king”. Even though the king was alive, it still ended them in the game. Sure, they can’t build or anything, but you could linger around and take out the last king with your king, if they have less HP.

The other thing I missed was a cheat code to just remove a player from the game (for random map of course). I like to have TONS of resources, but not as many NPCs. In AoE2, I recall being able to do that, but in AoM, you have to use a cheat just to go and kill them instantly before they expand. Start with 12, remove 4 of them by the cheat that was KILL1 or 2-12 depending on which number they were assigned.

I also wish you could change your color and not be default blue. I think you could do that if you change the player number, but I do not recall.

Lastly, I have always wanted the water walls. I know they’re in AoE2 and I think I’ve seen them in campaign in AoM, but you can’t build them. I love building in these games.

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