I see only Korean Central game and im in Europe

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I see only Korean Central game in lobby browser and im in Europe… I cannot see any other region also if i force it from filter

Me too. I see only Korea Central and when I try to join a game I get this error

Same issue.

Version | 101.101.32875.0 | 4392666
Platform | Steam

Same issue here.

Neither me nor my friends can join each others matches. Only inactive Korean servers pop up.

I bought the game via Steam, and have a strong computer with 500mbps internet. Have cross-play enabled in options. Never found a single unranked/ranked game as it keeps on connecting me to random servers with high pings and no lobbies. It is either KoreanCentral or westUS with 2-5 inactive and corrupt lobbies. I keep on thinking no one plays this game. Same issue with my friend from Mexico. We are unable to find ANY ranked/unranked games.

Please help, we paid money for this and believe we deserve to atleast test this game after all.

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  • Are you still seeing this issue?

Nope now i see all game from all region thx

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i speak too quick, sometimes is solved other time i see only my region game … western europe

It appears to be showing other server types as of Version 101.101.32911.0
However, I cannot be sure that I have visibility to all servers since there isn’t a server counter anywhere.

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