I suck at killing boars

I research loom. I send two villagers out to shoot a few arrows at the boar and then run away. It never stops chasing them and kills one.

I’ve tried running the two villagers over to a group of four other villagers. The two run the boar around in circles while the other four kill it. This works sometime but seems like a lot of trouble and expense for one boar.

What am I doing wrong here?

send 1 vil to lure the boar. shoot it once or twice, then run back to the town center where your other villagers (6 or more) are gathering food from sheep. have all the vils there shoot the boar. it should go down in 2-3 volleys. you dont need loom for it, but it makes it safer

there are a few videos on youtube if you want to have a look


You send very low number of vils to kill. 4 vils is not enough.

Kill the boar with 9 Villagers. You’re right in luring it to a group of villagers, but that group is too small. Not only 9 Villagers are necessary to kill the boar, before it kills the luring one, but they are also the right number to pick up the food from it.

Nine Villagers is more than optimal. You can take down and harvest the large hunt with just six Villagers.


Do what I call the drive-by method:

  1. Prepare a decent number of vills (min 8 - max 12) to wait at designated gathering location for food (mill or TC)
  2. Have one vill from the group shoot the boar once or twice to aggro the boar.
  3. Use the baiting vill to have the boar chase it back to the collection spot
  4. Have all the gathered vills shoot the boar as it is approaching the collection point & the baiting vill to run past them

If you do the last part correctly the boar will die very close to TC/Mill minimizing food decay. You can even use the baiting vill to get the kill shot.

I mean, if you are patient, have something to run around in circles, and have loom, you can probably even get it with two. Or using TC fire, maybe even 1. Of course, the amount of time it takes would be crazy, but you could do it.

All of the aforementioned are only relevant on BF if you decide to mill a patch (3-6-9 boars in a place), in that case sending 6 vils is good, you make the boar chase 1 vil around the mill while the others shoot.

In all other situations, sending more than 1 vil to get the boar to chase him is overkill, you lure the boar with the vil, you put the rest from under your TC to shoot the boar, and you garrison the luring vil in the TC.

He should be left with either 11 or 4 HP with no loom depending on your timing with the pullback after he shoots the arrow at the boar.

Also if you forget him and he starts having a 1v1 fight club with the boar, you can use the house trick to make it stop chasing him.

Take a look at this video - it should help.

T90 video on boar luring

For beginners it is not recommended to garrison TC and fire at the boar, simply just click the boar with your group of villagers. At least 5 vills means the boar should die pretty quick.

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I guess this thread is a bad time to mention triple boar lures on BF to the OP hehe

He can’t even lure one, you want him to do 3!? At the same time!!?? :smiley:

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Pick Goths. Problem solved!

i take 1 vil to lure the boar, then garrison 5 vils in my tc, shoot it 2 times with the tc and then ungarrison and bam, dead boar right next to TC, no dead vils and everybody is happy, except the boar. No loom needed.

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what can i say, i enjoy chaos :sunglasses: