I suggest to add a glosary like tech tree about cards inside game

there are cards like “era de los principes” “age of princes” that give info but there are not numeric info, maybe if we can add this numeric info (this cards gives a cost reduction per unit killed (maybe a % of cost unit) to make alliances, and it gives more cost reduction if the unit is killed by a “ras”.

so all this info we cannot check it accurately and we dont knoiw the numbers, maybe we could have an inside game glosay with numbers for all cards inside game

there cards that we donot ahve clue what exactly it does and with what numbers, % etc. for example “iglesia en la montaña de la libela” from etiopia deck

please make a glosary inside game, since we dont have time to test card by card, and info about cards that is show in update is all dispersed on the internet

this present lack of info can make people find themselves clueless inside game, and so stop playing the game