"I tested the Age of Empires Mobile beta, and it's a worthless adaptation"

Looks like we’re getting another watered down pathetic product for mobile designed exclusiveky to bleed your wallet and nothing more. Was really hoping we’d get some sort of real, actual game, like AoEII optimized for mobile… especially considering what Xbox got, but no. Literal hot burning garbage. :joy:


Strikes my curiosity is it possible to import AoE2 XBox to Android with Console Controls. It might be fun to play over Tablets.

AoE mobile looks like a chinese hero rpg tash.


It’s a mobile game instead of a direct PC port, what did you expect ?

For reference, I’m using console emulators on my phone.

Definitely not gonna bleed my wallets.


been awhile to see some good gaming article. they havent existed 10+ years ago


When it was announced, I expected something good. I figured Microsoft clearly values this IP, and they wouldn’t go to mobile unless they thought they had a really good way to transfer the AoE RTS experience into a mobile control scheme.

When they showed the preview a few weeks ago, I was disappointed, but still wanted to see what happens. Maybe it’s not as bad as the preview made it seem.

Then we find out that they are apparently threatening creators with legal action to force them to take down videos calling them out. They didn’t pay a creator the agreed payment for a video about their game. A video which they pre-approved, and when they got called out, they kicked that creator out of the Age Franchise Partners program and forced them to take down that video anyway.

Microsoft, World’s Edge, and TiMi should be absolutely ashamed of this worthless cashgrab.


Whoops. I wrote that comment thinking I was commenting on a different thread. Still, I think it works okay here. Point is it’s incredibly disappointing to see Microsoft give the go-ahead to this gross cashgrab. As the article this thread is actually about says, it’s an “RTS in name only”. The game itself is bad enough, trying to suppress people criticising it is even worse.

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Who? Age of Noob? Either way, that’s VERY scummy behavior.


Yeah AoN. There’s another thread in the AoE4 part of these forums about it, as well as on the aoe4 subreddit.

Moved to off-topic, sicne this has nothing to do with aoe2.