I think a hotfix happened?

The game updated with a hotfix on 13/07/2021. But we’ve yet to see a blog post about the hotfix on the steam page, nor in the new area on this site.

Did it fix the game a bit? The hotfix? Or make it worse?

Yes, they updated the game with an hotfix. They didnt make a new blog post, but added a common about the hotfix in the latest update blog (Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 50292 – Age of Empires).

I havent played the game yet, so i cant comment about if the hotfix fixed the issues.


BomberGriffin: Doesn’t know where to look up for patchnotes, doesn’t play the game, spams the forums with his balance ideas.


edit: The announcement: 📜 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 50292 - #139 by JexBall

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Normally a new thread would be made for something like this. They wont just post it in the latest update thread only. So i can understand why you would miss it this time. I have seen it in a discord announcement, otherwise i wouldnt have know there was an hotfix this time.

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Can anyone tell me, does the game now do something sensible if you link your steam account where you have played the steam version to an xbox account where you have played the xbox version of the game? For example, suppose I have completed campaign 1 on steam, and campaign 2 on xbox, if I link them will both of them show me as having completed campaigns 1 and 2? I don’t want to try it myself because last time I linked them it completely messed everything up.

I’ll tell you how i know there’s a hotfix : all my mods are disabled .


This really bothers me. What is the game release notes section good for if they bury information about a new patch under a different build?

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