I think Devs want this game to be playable on lower and mid level PCs

We all know relic and MS are very well capable of producing stunning graphics , the approach is to make Age IV for everyone. (from low tier to high tier PCs).

I liked the fighting on walls, giant armies and actual elevation advantage.

But they really gotta polish those animations and arrows,


And that’s a fact

I mean, fighting on the walls is something huge from a evolution of gameplay aspect, but the animations (Made in mocap) are weird and really clunky.

They need to scale down a bit the size of units and make the animations more smooth, then everything’s good


My PC isn’t top end. My CPU is 7700K and GPU RTX270 Super so I’m pretty sure it will run the game all be it with a few tweaks.

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That’s done through scalability. And Relic’s already done that about 15 years ago with Company of Heroes, with the game looking stunning but also being able to run on low end machines by lowering graphics (and the game would still look good and readable).

This is obviously an art direction decision for readability.

I still think it’s WAY too stylized for the units.


Yes agree with you. But for me it’s not a good choice

You realize you are among the very few who have RTX capable card. If they want to sell in huge numbers they must target at least 1050ti and above.

1060 gtx Is the common card based on Steam stats : it’s a good card for fullhd


RTS games are usually more CPU intensive. From watching the trailer the graphics are looking good also.