I think its now time to admit that Delhi is OP

Yeah agree with tech costs for other civs needing to come down. Its pretty widely known that except for wheel barrow, the feudal econ techs (once you hit castle), everything else doesnt pay off quick enough to be a viable strategy. I think this could be a good way to “nerf” delhi.

Same for military tech. Why does the imp +1 ranged armor cost so much for ex. I dont think military tech costs should scale up with age either.

Delhi on hybrid maps are op. Delhi on open maps you can beat them two ways.

Early tower rush the wood line. They won’t be able to research rams for 3min 30 sec (no scholars), even woth scholars you still get a legit 2min+ to slow them down on wood.

Secondly is to constantly deny the sacred sites.

Imo the real problem with Delhi is that castle age combo hone blades maa and tower elephants and mag. That combo has only one legit counter… that’s HREs buffed maa spear(landsknecht if they can afford too) horsemen mag combo.

Any other civ combo can’t body block for their own mag bc delhi maa and a few pike will melt your meatshield.

Last point. Delhi still has sooo many bugs…you think Delhi op now? :laughing: Just wait once bugs get patched.

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so true, people think this delhi is op? wait till the blacksmith upgrades start applying to tower elephants and other major bugs are fixed, then delhi will be unstoppable.

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Eles shouldn’t be available until Imperial.

those are fighting words… I not like it!!

Don’t you think that may make Delhi more generic?

new delhi time

I still think Dheli is underpowered.

But that comes from me always picking abbasid against them.

Imams are mad hard-counters towards Dheli. as they can snipe-Convert elephants from mad ranges.
Stronger spearmen.
Camel Debuff effects elepehants.
High mobility camel archers.
Culverins against anything siege.
Healing aura from castles in defensive fights.
More imams.

imams are widely underrated unit.