I think its now time to admit that Delhi is OP

Delhi officially needs nerfs, early game, mid game, they are just so strong that its almost impossible to defend against the masses they have, due to berry buffs, their food income is so crazy that they can spare villagers on other resources, meaning they can pump out troops while also going to castle age.

Delhi is too strong, but people will not admit it because they have been begging for Delhi to be buffed so they can spam the civ.

with a now good early game economy, they can match with every other civ.
they have lots of unit diversity to counter siege and to counter any unit type, elephants literally counter almost anything, Maa, siege, horsemen, ranged units, they are literally just a tank, the only civ that has a unit that diverse.
they can spam walls with military units, literally being able to spare vills for stone after the berry buff, they can now wall up and stone tower rush people for jokes, in my opinion this makes them worse than mongols.
research is free at extra time cost.
scholars speed up recruitment time.
second best Maa in the game.
best unique unit in the game.
can built stone walls with military units.
great food income from berries.
most diverse army comps in the game.
OP on hybrid maps, especially with the most recent buff.
can capture sacred sites in feudal, as far as i know for double gold income compared to normal civs.

what is the downside to delhi?, at this moment they are literally unstoppable.


The correct way to balance the game is to remove all Civs besides Delhi because Delhi is the best part of the game and that way Delhi will also have 100% winrate.

But if the Devs want to take a different path, they can buff the other Civs to match the level of Delhi.


since the second patch it was

hahahaha who wouldve ever thought someone would make a “delhi is OP” post. thinking of the days when people were joking that they were completely useless.

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but now it seems the tables have turned, Delhi is now legit OP, prove me wrong if you are willing to put in the effort.

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Exactly, so delhi either needs nerfs or research needs to be cheaper for all civs.


Buffing all other civs to match mongol and delhi is probably the more popular route for the devs.

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I beat Delhi easlily (AI) with English using Wonder Victory, rapid advancement so they were too slow with their tech, walling myself into the Black Forest then razing their buildings I could find…by the time they got elephants I was ready with Mangonels on the walls

Honestly the worst thing about them is their infantry being able to build stone wall towers.
Nothing wrong with them building stone walls, but they shouldn’t be able to build the towers too


It seems that Dehli just saves enormous amount of resources now.
I was just looking at replay were I lost to Dehli: we had the same amount of workers, but he was pumping way more military and still had around 2k of each resource. I just couldn’t match that. Then he started stacking war elephants and gg.

the reason most likely being that it cost next to nothing to get all techs and upgrades, i recently been trying delhi, i can safely say that i literally just click on techs for the fun of it, not costing nothing, as well as the time not being to bad, i just click click click, sawmill techs, mining techs, military tech, food tech, its all free, so you can literally click on it and not worry, you also save a lot of resources, like a lot a lot lol. they need to increase the cost of scholars or increase the cost of mosques.

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For most upgrades, we Delhi players just click them in order of importance, but we do click them all.

Generally, against other Civs, Delhi is a few vills behind, like against French, HRE and China because we tend to use stone offensively which delays additional TCs.

Can’t make mosques or scholars more expensive without causing a lot of harm to what Delhi does best—sacred sites.

If anything, just make stone walls slower to build with footsoldiers.

The question should be:

Can Delhi now match Mongols?

This because the devs want to make all Civs as strong as the Mongols.

According to >1600 1v1 games right now, delhi now has 59.5% winrate with 173 analyzed games, and mongol has 53.3% with 90 games. This puts delhi as the best civ in 1v1 now.


You really believe that marketing talk?

Whenever developers say “we’re not gonna nerf” or “we don’t want to nerf” or “we going to buff to match this to that” is always smoothtalking. Its never true and never will be.

Balance is something that cannot be done with buffing only and any developer who states this are not knowing what they’re talking about and should not be balancing game.

They nerf mongol till its either completely unviable like chinas case or they stop it for now and buff delhi meanwhile

If you look at it this way you are correct. But i’d wait for the graph to stabilise first. For now it is on a downward trend. I dont say they arent op but…

On the 9Feb they were at 65%, on 10 they droped to 60%,

If you click on the Dheli you will see they have negative winrate against mongols.

The percenteges are in favour of Dheli because they are the cool race this patch (everibody plays them).
They have almost double the games as the mongols do.

Delhi needs some sort of mechanism or flaw that can be exploited that slows down their Castle timing somehow. Opponents are in a bit of a pickle: If you commit your resources in Feudal trying to deny sacred sites, your Castle timing will be slowed down anyhow.

Delhi loves to save up gold and food while Castle landmark is building and pump out 2 elephants. And then they attack right away.

Delhi Castle is so scary and so strong due to the fact that Elephants tip army composition advantage FAST. That’s the problem.

This game is also really hard to scout effectively. SC2, you have fast air units and scan. Here, a turtled up Delhi can snipe off your scout.

If you see one elephant and it turns out that the opponent made a ton of MAA + siege instead of mass elephants, you are screwed.

That’s why I said “right now”, and “now”. You are right, but I suspect it won’t change much.

I’m pretty sure over the weekend’s N4C qualifiers, based on available match results for the round of 48 through finals, Delhi went 17 wins and 20 losses. I think the meta largely hasn’t adapted to Delhi yet. I think if they need a nerf, it’s to the functionality of stone wall tower pushes (applies to all civs, actually, but it’s the most egregious with Delhi since their footsoldiers can build them). Stone walls in general probably need some kind of adjustment.

Tourney games have shown that Delhi is vulnerable in early Feudal age if you can manage to get pressure on their base instead of spending all your time focused on sacred sites. This makes sense. Objectively, Delhi is a weaker HRE prior to Castle Age (inferior eco bonuses and no access to early man-at-arms). Fighting Delhi is complicated by (a) their infantry building palisades, and (b) the significant boost they can get from holding sacred sites, but prior to actually holding sacred sites their Feudal strength is pretty low.

Delhi doesn’t get any early gold or unique units in Feudal, and the free eco upgrades amount to 15% faster gather rate starting several minutes after getting to Feudal (compare to HRE 40% gather rate and 40% carry rate starting in Dark Age). Their efficient production allows a building to train units 100% faster, but it’s not free units. So it’s still eco limited. That tech is essentially worth somewhere between 75 and 450 resources depending on how exactly you use it (75 gold for scholar vs 150 wood to build another production building if not using the first scholar, or up to 3x 150 wood for a second of each production building if actively swapping the starting scholar between barracks, archery range and stable to make more of whatever unit the situation dictates).

The tourney showed Delhi’s base can be pressured in early Feudal age. Delhi has no real Feudal advantage over most of the other civs that should result in them being able to dominate the sacred sites if the opponent is equally committed to it. Delhi’s strength lies in keeping the opponent distracted battling for all the sacred sites rather than pressuring Delhi’s otherwise vulnerable Feudal eco. Obviously you can’t just ignore the sacred sites, but Delhi can’t ignore their base being attacked either. If you can find a way to dictate the play such that Delhi has to have army defend their base and do just enough to keep them from holding multiple sacred sites, you can win. Keep in mind Delhi can’t actually do anything with gold in Feudal other than produce scholars, buy resources at the market, or advance to Castle Age. Since hardly anyone actually market trades the gold in Feudal, the sacred site thing usually amounts to a Castle Age power spike, not a Feudal one.

Many tech are really overpriced, especially the economic ones.

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