I think Mali's military units and Mongolia's double trained soldiers, they break the balance of the game

First of all, Mali’s military units violated the triangular relationship of arms restraint and the preliminary/principled basic logic of heavy armor suppressing light armor.
A. Its unique spearmen can throw spears beyond the range of archers. This is unreasonable and should be modified to the same distance

B. Its unique swordsman, as a lightly armored soldier, can deal extra damage to enemies with heavy armor. This is even more unreasonable. Hope it can be re-adjusted so it can be an African style German land servant that doesn’t cause extra damage to heavily armored soldiers.

C. Mongolia has doubled its training of soldiers. I think the economic penalties need to be increased.

Then came my irrelevant complaints.
D. The distance of the cannon is lower than that of the ballista

Hey Dyu,OuiJ’adoreÇa,
Would you mind linking your account, so people can see your games played, your rank, and your overall gaming experience? When speaking about balance, it’s very important to understand from which skill level you come, so we can better understand your point of view.

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Sure, but I’m not very familiar with this page. The name of the game is probably this. I’m walking between gold 3 and platinum 1。
Mainly play 1v1.

Try finding your account on this website. I linked you mine below:

You have to place your in-game name in the top reight corner.

Anyway. So you have trouble identifying the Malians units weaknesses and how to counter them since they are so unique compared to other civs ?
What civs do you play, and have you tried to play Malians yourself to maybe understand their units yourself?

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I understand the weakness of Malian soldiers, they are afraid of archers. But I think some details are unreasonable.
Such as A and B.

ahh so you’re a French only player. That of course explains a lot. Sadly the French are a terrible matchup against the Malians. I can totally understand why you find Malian Donsos (their spears) unfair. Now, I am very sure that Malian Donsos do not have more range than archers do. It has to be about the same, and the animation takes longer than shooting with an archer, so archers can always shoot back at a Donso. The javelin thrower, on the other hand, is very strong vs. archers in age 2 and early age 3.
For B :
Why do you find it unreasonable that a unit with very low HP and no armor can do a lot of damage to something that is heavily armored. As I see it, they take on the role of the x-bow for Malians, a low-HP unit with high damage, and the javelin thrower fills the anti-archer roll in the early to mid-game instead of MMA
How would you change the interaction with other units? If they are not strong against heavy units, what are they strong against, and what should they be week against?


The principle of the triangular relationship of troop suppression is as described in the teaching lines of advanced combat in the game - swordsmen restrain all light-armored soldiers, and light-armored soldiers are restrained by heavy-armored soldiers.

Because in principle, swordsmen should only cause strong damage to light armor, but are restrained by heavy cavalry.
Therefore, the light-armored swordsmen in Mali should in principle increase the damage they can do to light-armored soldiers. The effect of +15 against heavy soldiers in the game is too unreasonable.

This make no sense.

Malian would have no way of countering MAA without Musofadi warriors heavy bonus.

All civ have crossbow except malian and the musofadi replace crossbow at countering MAA.

The donso definitely lose to archer as well.

Mongol have very little eco advantage compared to other civs other than the double production

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This was actually the case before they changed the damage to the Musofadi Worrier, they reduced his general damage and gave it even more vs. armored because it was too strong vs all units in general. It still had a bonus vs armored because it does fill the roll with the anti-heavy units for Malians. If you do look at units and the role they fill, the triangular relationship of troop suppression is still there. The units just achieve it differently.
Malians have no other way of dealing with heavy units; they do not have a X-Bow to deal with heavy units like other civs.

There is no such thing as triangular relation of suppression of troop.

The counter system is a lot more complex than a triangle.
Each unit have different strengths and weaknesses and there are more than 3 type of units.

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I agree also once you start combining units together and adding Sieg on top, it gets really complicated. I would argue that the Spearman X-bow with mangos is one of the strongest army compositions there is, and malians can’t use it since it dosn t have X-bows

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I must add a few more.
E. Mongolian cavalry archers are too powerful. If you’re more aggressive, you can kill a lot of villagers, if you’re more conservative, you can kill II era knights while running. No cavalry could catch them, which was so sad.
F. The cattle sheds and gold mines in Mali, Africa, are too solid. It’s hard to break them in the II era.

Mali has the worst late game in the game, it wins in equality of resources but that is lost in the population limit, Mali is a little strong in Fedual times so that it is not an almost dead civilization in the pick rate