I think Unbalanced Sultanat is too much nerfed, just read

My favorite civ is unbalanced sultanat, not because its good civ, but because its hardest civ to play and i wanna know where the f**** is their advantage (disadvantage) Here is my average Timeline in older game (yellow color) i got level 35, so im rushing 3 TC, then making 8x schools and 30 teachers (30pop+3000gold +2000wood down for SLOWER research nice research civ btw) and puting them in university and other buildings. I still didnt find any positive think on this civ, absolutly no, everything is harder. And btw, there is no way to boost eco upgrades. So enjoy 17mins researching final upgrades. Im just saying very nice research civ again. Only one positive of this civ is that elephants is good at ramming. And negativs? My defense is 5 towers in first minutes in game. I dont have time to make military, if i do, my progress will be slow like ■■■. I must rush everything, in the meantime, my opponents can just chill out., or i will cant defense myself. I have time to defense myself if they rush me, but i cant fast help my friend when he is in trouble.

I cant steal gold if i get bad map, because my main military unit is Elephant. Did anyone try to go forward with elephants? i did. My teammate was dead, because elephants is slow like ■■■ and i cant help him in time because i was just little forward.Im just saying that only this one positive think on unbalanced sultanat is not that much positive, so i can tell its adequate to other civ bonuses.

Anyway, im winning often, im playing cool. But i definitely dont recommend you to play unbalanced sultanat if youre under level 20. Of course they boost mangonels, which was op like ■■■ before they add this patch in game, so if my oponent choose mangonels in 10 pieces my ultra super bulletproof elephants will die anyway, its time to boost unbalanced sultanat now, not mangonels, or just add one more star in civ difficulty stats, three is not enough…

Give me some opinions why is Unbalanced Sultanat balanced.

Tbh, it’s really hard to judge how good Delhi is supposed to be because they have like 20 gamebreaking negative bugs that make them terrible.


haha they got only negative bonuses and good flag color maybe. Of course, i can make useless wooden walls when i finally get military, wooow

Well, when scholars and techs work properly, they do save a lot of resources on tech and generally get their feudal eco and blacksmith techs faster than other civs, due to starting research immediately.

Sadly, a big strength of Delhi before was honed blades and that tech is bugged.

Also Delhi used to be arguably the best civ on some of the hybrid maps because if you both dock the same pond, you kill their boats in dark age while collecting fish and your dock can’t be pushed by early spears.\

The berry bonus that Delhi and Abbasids get is actually quite good. Double food from berries that gather as fast as hunt is quite strong early.

Man did you tried play them? You didnt save nothing, teachers is not free. And you cant boost eco upgrades, so it takes 18mins for final upgrade. You need more wood, to make more blacksmith and schools, more time to spend. This civ is just bull****, if you compare them with Holy Roman Empire or China.

I have, they were one of my most successful civs prior to the patch. After the patch I played a couple times, but the scholar research time bug plus a couple important techs (and many less important) having bugged timers I gave up.

In particular I should be getting piety + Sactity by like 6 minutes but bugs make Sanctity take until around 9 and Piety has an 11 minute research time instead of 2 minute.

After I noticed scholars weren’t reducing research times as much as they are supposed to plus the honed blades tech taking triple what it’s supposed to I gave up.

Not to mention the important wheelbarrow and hardened spearman upgrades which should come in very early are also bugged to take way to long.

Scholars might not be free, but having 6 scholars is supposed to reduce castle research times to pretty close to normal civs, and that’s only like 400 gold and 200 wood while other civs are spending ~400 resources per tech.

Man, you must spamm teachers it not cost 400 gold definitively, or you will be so slow and die in in the long term. Everything is slower and harder.

You only need to spam scholars because the scholar impact on tech is bugged. For castle age 9 scholars is supposed to mean your techs are the same as other civs which is less than 1k resources even with the mosque cost. Other civs spend more than that on techs in castle age. That’s the same cost other civs use for 2 castle age techs.

“The berry bonus that Delhi and Abbasids get is actually quite good”
No it’s double the amount and plus 20% gathering rate giving you little less than 44F/min. Other civ got either a better early eco boost or something else that’ll compensate. So the berries are quite nice but i won’t say “good”. Because it don’t give you an early advantage at any point in the game. it’s like the rest of Delhi’s bonuses, a compensation for being different. Doesn’t make you better to be different it make you just different.

“Tbh, it’s really hard to judge how good Delhi is supposed to be because they have like 20 gamebreaking negative bugs that make them terrible.”
Even if there is no bug the civ is the worst in the game EVERYONE accord on that point.

“big strength of Delhi before was honed blades and that tech is bugged” It may be an Imp tech never read anything about it being a castle tech anywhere…

The civ tech bonus is quite good well ballanced but Delhi need something more to be at the same level of other civ. A better early unit or an additional minor eco bonus. I’ve just seen Hera got rush Castle at 9min with the Rus. Until that i thought Delhi got the best advantage to do that since they could research with no cost allowing it to bank in an Age rush but EVEN THAT they can’t do it properly apparently. THAT’S the whole issue of Delhi. They are different and it make it difficult to see how much they are strong or weak but currently it’s obvious they are the weakest. Question : How to balance them properly then ? I mean how exactly ?

Personnaly - and i don’t say it’s a good idea - i would like to see Delhi as a true eco tech rusher. Getting it in advance even. Why not after all ? EVERY other civ got a game changing eco bonus and the longer the party goes the stronger it get. Why not Delhi ? Honestly even if you get an age 1 minute before your oppenent and got all eco tech AT THE SAME TIME as your oppenent’s first eco tech they still got inner eco bonuses that’ll out match your weakass feudal/castle techs. So yeah you got 15% more food gathering but English got 35% with the same tech and they have farm/s price halfed as an exemple.

And i’d like to see Honed blade in the Blacksmith for Castle. So their MaA and Knight Boosted isn’t linked at a landmark. I would still pick it though becasue of the usefull other techs but Honed blade feel essential to the civ. Otherwise outside Unique unit they got just the same Military as a theorical absolute Generic civ.
Because in the end - right now - Delhi is just different And generic and like i sayed ealier different don’t make you good but just different.