I told you, but most of you did not listen!

just tell me what’s your user name in the game : )

you do realize that pros aren’t exactly happy with this new arabia too right? so why are you trying to drag their name through the mud?

I also don’t really understand this topic actually. Some statements don’t make sense to me.

But in general, I think branding arabia to the pros will actually doesn’t make sense. Cause in tournaments pros get their individual modded maps anyways, they don’t even use the standard arabia.
So whatever complains pros have about the arabia generation they actually have the ability to work arount it themselves.

But all other players have to take arabia as it is. Therefore devs definetely should step away from changing that map. Cause players chose to play arabia BECAUSE they like it the way it is. Changing the most beloved map of all just in favor of a single game philosophy feels… strange.

Do the devs want to force us to change our perception of the game or what?

We chose arabia because it fits most players perception or at least it’s an acceptable map for most players, something they can live with somehow.

Instead of orienting on that and learn how the game is perceived by the playerbasis devs decide to change the most beloved map of all??? What’s the reasoing behind it, it makes no sense at all.

Devs should not only listen to all that complains about arabia, they should look into the stats, and stats show that arabia has 75 % palyrate in 1650 + elo. The next map has 9 % (!). Do they really think they made something wrong with a map having more than 8x more plays than the next best one? Just because some people can’t stop complaining?

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but then again its not only about arabia i welcome the change as it makes a bit more harder for control and more fore rushes

honestly all maps should have an almost equal playrate and not just one to three maps

i think the devs intention was good

Disagree. Some maps are just better than others because they allow more variety, more different strategy.

Ofc you should also play maps with restricted variety, but the maps were everything is featured to some extend (at least on land) and each civ can somehow compete are just the best. And they deserve to be played the most.


Arabia always favoured certain civs and playstyles. We just got used to that being the norm. I’d welcome a more even distribution of maps being played.

This thread is in bad taste

i mean im not against it what you say since you got a point there but the whole premise was that there are 3 true maps arabia ( for the play % and arabia 1 tricks) black forest for an close map combat situation that can be early but is more focused for late game skirmishes and arena

i think the value of some other maps just got completly lost and with these changes they strife a bit away of arabia and maybe give more options for same valueable maps like socotra or highland or even atakama or maybe a water map

Sorry that can’t be an excuse to destroy the best map. You can’t force the community to switch out of it by making it unplayable or intentionally restricting the formerly most versatile map.
That can’t be the solution.

Make goals, eg unlock certain skins or whatever if you played at least 10 times socotra ranked for a min of 10 minutes or something like this. That could work.

But destroying arabia to brutally force players to play something different… wtf? That can’t be a solution, never.


its not even unplayable its just change to a fundemental different map with switched focus

True, but for me it’s the same as destroying it. I just don’t get it, why devs destroy the best map? It makes no sense.
That would be like RIOT would decide that LOL isn’t going to play in summoners rift anymore but on the map of teamfight tactics…

because after so long they wanted to shift the focus of arabia and also not destroying it but tailor it to something different that doesnt oppose the same strats everytime its played

But new arabia is more restricting in openers and strategy than the old one.
And we chose the old one because of the variety, because it was the most versatile map.

SO devs saying us now: “Your stupid players are wrong! AOE2 isn’t supposed to be played with large variety of openers and strategy! Every map is only supposed to restrict you, you stupid bitches!” Or what?

When the playerbase obviously chose arabia over all other maps BECAUSE of that high variety?

And what they want to achieve with that even? If arabia becomes a new hyperagressive map playerbase will shift to another versatile map. Will they desertificate that map then, too? Or will they just don’t allow us to play any versatile map anymore to chose from the map pool?


i think instead of get rid of every tactic they left some open aswell as posibilitys for new ones

i also think if your flank it either archer into xbow and pocket goes knight thats fundamentaly wrong if 2 things dominate everything besides so many other options infantry was dead some uu were dead but now they revive new possibilities

How should more restriction in openers and tactics allow more possibilities? 11

No possibility of new tactics just lost half of old tactics. To the guy that said Hera loves new Arabia, Hera will probably get bored of how all in the map is eventually there is no variety in it. Other pros which aren’t so capable of good aggression as he is may just get bored even faster, when socotra was out he liked it for a week get bored never plays it again " it’s too all in and predictably boring" he loves crater but still when it’s in map pool he favours arabia. Imagine playing a game almost exclusively on the best map and having 8 or so main strats you play and being tired of all of them sometimes because of the thousands of time you done each and then they remove half of them from this map. Crazy stuff. If you play TG now it’s even worse because of all the woodlines located in one rough area you will be dead as soon as arch makes it into your base as flank they just camp that back area your off wood for game, zero chance to recover. They may tower you just go faster castle drop on their wood and 4 range crossbow everygame as meta now because the woodlines so predictably bad. We may even see a new meta of 3 range Saracen arch with how terrible the wood is civ picking will get worse with how imbalanced the map now is probably Saracens and Magyars will be in every TG each team now to take full advantage. Truth is 1v1 strategy is half dead in fuedal and all dead in castle age onwards pretty much with those hills. TG strategy is completely dead now may be a shift in strategy but their will be only that strategy done soon enough. Predicting drush flush and some variation of fuedal/castle age all in now as standard. Thing is all ins before were necessary for some civs to have a chance to win like Celts flank Vs Brits now you just lose based off civ everytime once meta catches on

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Hera said live “I love every change made to Arabia”. Maybe other pros don’t like it. Don’t think generalization covers every single one. Furthermore, Pro’s were mentioned 1.5 years ago. Now I’m just bashing everyone that defending fairness over randomness.

My point exactly. Besides, y’all guys are fixating about the pro’s. I mentioned them 1.5 years ago. Now I’m just bashing everyone that defended that point back then.

Didn’t you just mention that Hera loves the new Arabia?

Aw, I’m sorry. Does it hurt your feelings? Sorry! I enjoying this so much. Many people here treated me like an idiot for begging NOT to bring fairness into maps even after I carefully explained the consequences of such change. Now the consequences have become evident and I just want to gloat about it. :smiley: Feel free to browse more tasteful topics.