I told you, but most of you did not listen!


Here I am with the sequel of: Pro players keep forgetting this is a game for everyone, not just them - #2 by revivalm0de

I pretty much came to tell you all that I told you so. The recent changes in Arabia is the beginning of the end of the fun. Now the map is PREDICTABLE. You no longer need to scout much. You no longer need different strategies according to your or your opponent’s map. You just know: Hill on front, wood on back, one front gold, one far gold, one back gold.

Do you know that now in Arabia your much less prone to lose your scout to the TC if you just go the the edge of the map and then run it until you see the woodlines? That’s it, that simple.

This kind of generation belongs to tournament-only maps. This is no fun at all. And yes, players have started complaining: Arabia, which contains a link to this video: Por qué no me gusta el nuevo Arabia. - YouTube

Still thinking fair == fun? It does not.


I am not sure, but doesn’t SC2 have completely mirror maps and are still fun?

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It’s not for me. If you want to talk about how much fun SC2 is, you might be in the wrong place.

And did you see this?

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I didnt have the chance to explore the new Arabia map but I think it’s not due to unfair that it’s unfun tbh.

(In particular did the fairness even changed?)

Just think about it: If you wanted to have a more open map, but didn’t care about fairness, wouldn’t you have added the 3 woodlines anywhere around the TC, instead of always the back? Is not that is more open that makes it less fun, is the implied fairness that kills it.

isn’t the three backward woodline intended to make things more open in that regard? In particular the gold / sheep / boar generation is untouched. I just watched a game and seems the difficulty of full walls differs from players as well (yea people still full walls)

Huh?? Gold generation is modified too, making the 3rd gold far away.

Yep but they can still be two forward / two backward gold (which is extremely unfair)

Shh!!! They might hear you and trash the map even further!! LOL

Well lol

I think your points of the new Arabia can be valid but it’s due to sheer openness that causal players would have difficulties handling, not really related to fairness imo

Ah, you’re thinking about the lower ELO players that find this harder now. No no, I do not refer to them and their grievances (spelled correctly?? Dunno, hehe)

My point is towards the implied fairness added to the map. That’s all.

hmmm, I personally don’t find the fairness to be changed at all, but everyone’s opinion then

If I read your first post describing how predicable the map is, then I think this is great for lower rated players who are bad at scouting, but top player should hate it, because predicable maps make the game less skillful. So I don’t really understand the title of this thread.

I still haven’t seen the new Arabia map, so I can’t comment on that, but the reasoning in the first post is really strange to me.

Hi. You find it strange because the quoted premise is false. Hera, arguably the top player in the world, LOVE IT WITH A PASSON OF 1 MILLION SUNS. Hehe, I exaggerate, but he did say live that he loved every single change made to the map.

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This one is also false. Or, not false… unimportant? Low ELO players now suffer far more from the consequences of an open map than they did before from the consequences of being bad at scouting.

It’s totally opposite. The new Arabia required lots of scouting, you need to know what your opponents map is, what he’s doing so you always react by what you have scouted.

I know what the map is, from minute 1. I described it. It’s always like that. I found out from the other Arabia thread that Nicov refers to this Arabia map as “the worst Arabia of all time”.

I agree this Arabia is super bad.

sounds like you elo is not high though, was about to give you a reminder only this map actually needs more scouting, not what you said, “no longer need to scout much”

Yes, I’m but a mere casual 1K player. But low ELO I may be, I still enjoy the discovery part of the game, which has been stripped away from this iteration of Arabia. Now you just know. I don’t want that. I want to be challenged sometimes by having a sh!tty map, and I want to be pampered sometimes by having a better map. I enjoy that.

Over 1.5 years ago I warned people not to seek fairness in map generations, that it would destroy the game for the majority of us, non-pro players. this kind of generation should be left for tournaments only. That’s my opinion.

Not really. You can predict exactly where the opponent base will be, just by looking at your own map and checking the minimap. Click the scout in a straight line. Scouting is done.

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