I unlocked 2 "hard" achievements without playing

Since the patch was installed I earned the following achievements automatically:

  • convert 30 units without relics with Abbasid Dynasty
  • kill 1000 enemies with french siege units.

Thanks for the present, next time I would like to get them with my own efforts. Good one!


I have just linked my Steam version of AoE4 to my Microsoft / Xbox account (the one I am posting from here), and the Steam version of the game suddenly says that I have earned a few new achievements. Some of them seem plausible, but I would have earned them a while ago, so not sure why they all popped up on the screen immediately after linking.

However one in particular is definitely wrong:

"Record Breaker" - Earn a gold medal in 5 Art of War challenges. I only have one Art of War gold medal, 1 silver, and 1 bronze so far, so this is wrong. Maybe it is including gold medals from Age of Empires II:DE art of war missions, which are also linked with my Xbox account?

This is only a very minor issue, but reporting it as I haven’t seen anyone else report it yet.


I noticed I have had the same issue, with multiple achievements that I shouldn’t have obtained
I main abassid, I rarely play those other civs.


Me too. At least I got the french siege unit one. I also got the Abbasid Dynasty kill 1000 cavalery with camels one.

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Same. I got

  • Record Breaker (not as big a deal because those actual gold medals on the menu are going to happen eventually anyway lol)
  • Shifting Winds (missed a grind wooh)
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Same. I just launched the game for the 2nd time this evening and while on the main menu the game unlocked five achievements immediately.

  • Record breaker
  • Pass the Marshmallows
  • Big Shot
  • Herd You Like Elephants
  • Through the Ages

When I started the game today I directly earned the following 8 achievements:

Servants of the Land
Great Walls
Move Like Wind, Attack Like Fire
Through the Ages
Record Breaker
Precious Medals

Dread Fort
Pass the Marshmallows

The first 6 must be bugs, as they are marked as rare and are partly very time consuming to get (impossible for me currently). The last two were maybe already earned by me, but unlocked now.
I received the achievements in Steam and in the Microsoft account at the same time when starting the game.

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I got like 20+ when i logged in finally also… but i would bet its just from what you allready accomplished. If you have it listed in steam your prob got them without noticing

The same thing happened to me. When I linked my Microsoft/Xbox account to AOE4 purchased on steam, I unlocked two achievements without earning them:

  • Big Shot (Destroy 1,000 enemy units with gunpowder siege engines as the French.)
  • Through the Ages (Advance to the next age 500 times.)

Then last night, I tried some Art of War challenges and got one Gold and one Silver. When I logged on today, two more unearned achievements popped:

  • Record Breaker (Earn a gold medal in 5 Art of War challenges.)
  • Precious Medals (Earn a medal in 3 Art of War challenges.)

Interesting on some of those. I have played most of the Civs a fair amount-- It wasn’t tracking some the achievements-- and I figured after the update-- I just got them because they did start tracking after

Same here. After having patched my game, I linked my Xbox account to AoE IV using the button in the main menu of the game.
Then, all achievements I had already unlocked in steam the days before, have been unlocked in my Xbox profile as well, which was what I’ve expected to happen.
But a few seconds later, new achievements popped up in both steam and Xbox, for which I’ve not met the requirements yet, thus being

  • Record Breaker (to this date, I only got one gold medal, the rest was either silver or bronze)
  • Pass the marshmallows
  • Big Shot
  • Herd You Like Elephants
  • Great Walls

For the latter ones, I did not keep track of the number of times I performed the actions required to earn the achievements, but I’m pretty sure it’s much lower.

Thus, it seems that I unlocked the achievements whenever I performed the proper action at least once.
However, in my case this holds not true for the achievement Through the Ages. This one shows a progress of 13% in my Xbox profile, which seems to be about right.

Same here, I got big shot and record breaker

Maybe you all are just that good? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Can you all who have experienced this contact support here with your warnings.log file? It would be very helpful in our investigation.

Thanks, all!


Just opened the game and got the achievements:

  • Big Shot: Destroy 1,000 enemy units with gunpowder siege engines as the French.
  • Herd You Like Elephants: Destroy 100 enemy buildings with your elephants as the Delhi Sultanate.
  • Great Walls: Construct 1,000 Stone Walls as the Chinese.
  • Through the Ages: Advance to the next Age 500 times.

Same here, at the same day I’ve installed the patch. Had a crash when loading “The Battle of Formigny” so thought maybe related.

  • Move Like Wind, Attack Like Fire
  • Great Walls
  • Herd You Like Elephants
  • Pass the marshmallows
  • Big Shot

All listed as earned at the same time. I have nothing to do with the requirements listed on each of these, a real pain in my sportsmanship :sunglasses:

Opened a support ticket, thank you very much! Love your game :heart:

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Yes, I think that’s the trigger for this bug. Happened to me as well after linking the accounts.

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This just happened to me as well. My XBL account was already linked - I unlocked the achievements when starting the game this evening. I submitted a support ticket too.