I want a button to report players that during match annoy telling bad words like moron, etc

this guy never stopped making fun of me while playing, just because he is a good player
im going to put the replay here, so you understand all the things he chat.
I just wanted to report him to make her mouth shut like for 1 month to see if he stops.

We used to avoid assholes in aoe3 by ‘blacklisting’ them.

The problem is with quicksearch is you can no longer do this. Even if you mute them, they may still be on your team and ruin your game.

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mmm its the first asshole to this degree i found
This guy is really annoying, of course the solution is to report it with a button and then someone analyze and avoid his chatting for 1 month.
i could have mute him on game i think too, i didnt want too, but enxt time of course i will search if there is an option to mute him