I Want A Roman Aoe2 Campaign

I am disappointed about the Return of Rome DLC. I want play a Roman Campaign in Aoe2 ,not Aoe1. Only a Roman Civ in aoe2, no Roman Campaign.


I don’t want to sound mean but this has been discussed in other threads, repeatedly.

There are threads discussing who could be the main character, too.

I’d like Majorian. Or even Ricimer. There’s people who want Aetius. There’s a guy who wants Aetius/Majorian/Antemius and many more choices. Some people have expressed their desire for a shared Roman/Byzantine campaign for Justinian. All of this has been discussed

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Well, I agree. To quote Richard the Lionheart, I have expected more.

ROR is WAY below the three previous DLCs. Fun but also very flawed. I mean, every new feature has its critics but the FUN in those other expansions greatly outweighed the problems.

So I would like a AOE2 campaign for free but I’m pretty sure they won’t be so kind.

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I think the devs are working in more content for AoE2, some of that content is new campaigns (not sure if it will come as a DLC or free content)
But from the last interview with the devs, create 3 new campaigns with 5-6 scenarios each it takes around 8 months of work adding new units, new mechanics and new civs in the way, to round up the campaigns
The question is when that new content will arrive
To be fair with the devs, RoR adds 18 new civs to the game with 3 new campaigns
It has been the biggest DLC for the game in terms of content

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do not worry. I am making…

Yes, but this dlc was mainly focused on AoE 1 (civs and campaigns)…the Romans from AoE 2 were just like a bonus for AoE 2 players…

I proposed Aegidius, but it is also valid.

Most likely, a Roman campaign will be included in future dlcs…the Lithuanians didn’t have a campaign in DE until Dawn of the Dukes came out…

Yes, I think that next year or the other (2025)…

Yes, I think it’s the biggest dlc in the entire saga (even more than the last one from AoE 3, since that dlc includes two large civs and nine minor ones and no campaign, except for 15 skirmish maps and 8 historical maps)…

Source: it came to me in a dream